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What kinds of credit-building cards are out there?

Secured cards

These cards require a cash security deposit, which makes them easier to get with bad credit or no credit history. The deposit is typically equal to your credit limit, and you can get that money back when you move up to a regular credit card.

No-deposit starter cards

You don’t need to put down a security deposit for these cards, but keep an eye out for ones that come with hefty fees or that don’t report to the three main credit bureaus.

Student cards

Straightforward starter cards for people who are still in school, student credit cards work like a standard card, and many offer rewards. Like all starter cards, they generally require access to income in order to qualify.

‎A good credit score could save you (potentially lots) of money

Great news: A better credit score could help you borrow money with less interest, qualify for better credit cards with perks like cash back rewards, pay less for insurance, and much more.

Building credit takes time — so start today

Showing a consistent, long-term record of on-time payments is what building credit is all about. Payment history is the single biggest factor in your credit score — which is why it’s so important to get started ASAP on building your credit.

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