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Whether you're a hands-on investor or like to sit back and let the market do its thing, our friends at Morningstar can help create the right portfolio for you. And with a free 14-day trial of Morningstar Premium, you'll have access to all their research, ratings and recommendations — which you’ll hang on to with a monthly membership fee once your free trial ends.

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    Read up on Morningstar's picks for mutual funds, stocks and ETFs, all sorted by your investing goals. Easily scan lists of thousands of securities thanks to their gold, silver and bronze ratings.
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    Get trusted insights
    See up-to-date reviews and ratings from more than 150 of Morningstar’s independent analysts. This means you get Morningstar’s exclusive fair trade estimates and ratings on these potential securities for your portfolio.
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    Keep an eye on your investments
    Make sure your portfolio stays balanced and diversified. Morningstar’s tools let you do things like evaluate your portfolio’s asset allocation and sector weightings so you can work toward your goals.

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