The Financial Equality Project

NerdWallet is taking a stand against financial inequality. Through our first social impact initiative, we're supporting the work of credit unions serving low income communities to help provide access to equitable financial products and services.

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    Financial inequality is a reality for millions of Americans
    22% of adults in the US are unbanked or underbanked ¹ with no credit and little cash in their pockets. This group is more likely to have low income, less education, or be a part of an underrepresented group.
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    The cost of being unbanked
    When these unbanked Americans try to start a business, buy a home, or pay for an emergency expense - steps towards long-term wellbeing for themselves, their families, and their communities, they lack proper options. Forced to turn to predatory financial services that can come with higher fees and interest, the unbanked or underbanked have paid $140 billion in unnecessary costs.²
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    Credit unions serving low-income communities are vital to bringing economic equality to everyone
    These credit unions are a safe alternative to predatory financial options (like payday loans). They deeply understand their members’ greatest needs and help by offering no to low minimum balance accounts, financial counseling, affordable access to credit, as well as a safe place to save and build assets.

NerdWallet is championing the effort to create real change in financially underserved neighborhoods

Creating a movement to advance financial equity

Depositing bankable cash into credit unions serving low-income communities helps provide access to equitable financial products and services. NerdWallet has deposited $2 million in bankable dollars with Self Help Federal Credit Union to fund personal, mortgage, and commercial loans for its members.

In partnership with Inclusiv, the nonprofit network of community development credit unions (CDCUs) providing capital and support for hundreds of credit unions serving low income communities, we are making it easy for companies to find the right credit union in need of capital.

Make a deposit.

Make a difference.

We're asking companies across the country to join us by depositing $1 million of their banked dollars into these credit unions, putting their money to work, and helping us turn this socially conscious money move into a movement.

For next steps, fill out our form. We’ll connect you with Inclusiv to find a credit union accepting deposits near you.

Our partners

Establishing The Bay Area Impact Fund

Starting in our own backyard, we've made a donation to directly support day-to-day operations with three local minority depository institutions in the Bay Area. These include The Self-Help Federal Credit Union, Northeast Community Federal Credit Union and Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union.

Tapping into the power of our Nerds

We're using our entire team's knowledge and expertise to support our credit union partners by offering our Marketing, Technical, and Financial support pro bono.

Now is the time to help

Want to help by depositing some of your company's banked dollars? Fill out our form below to receive a list of approved credit unions near you from Inclusiv. If you have any additional questions, email us at [email protected].

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