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Rocket Mortgage, LLC
  • Streamlined online process with document and asset retrieval capabilities, as well as the ability to edit your preapproval letter.
  • Offers the option to work with loan officers by phone if desired.
  • Largest FHA lender in the nation.
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at Rocket Mortgage, LLC

  • Offers government-backed loans and some harder-to-find products, such as construction loans and specialty mortgages for pilots.
  • Offers low rates and fees compared with other lenders, according to the latest federal data.
  • Displays customized rates, with fee estimates, without requiring contact information.
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New American Funding
  • Offers a wide variety of purchase and refinance mortgages with an emphasis on helping underserved communities.
  • Its home equity line of credit can be used for an owner-occupied or second home.
  • Has a program to enable buyers to make cash offers.
  • Receives high marks for customer satisfaction, according to J.D. Power and Zillow.
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at New American Funding

  • A mortgage is a loan to buy a home. When you borrow the money, you promise to repay the loan at an agreed-upon interest rate. That's the all-important mortgage rate borrowers are so interested in. It's just one factor, and no doubt the most important to consider, when you are trying to determine how much a loan will cost you. To borrow the money, the lender will charge you a fee, expressed as an interest rate assessed for the life of the loan.

    A mortgage is set up so you pay off the loan over a specified period called the term. The most popular term is 30 years. Each payment includes a combination of principal and interest.

    Typically, each monthly payment includes about one-twelfth of the annual cost of property taxes and homeowners insurance. The lender often collects this money in an escrow account, and may even pay the taxes and insurance when they're due.

  • Mortgage rates published on lender websites and advertised online can set unrealistic expectations for the interest rate you'll really earn. How do you know you have a good mortgage rate?

    Once you know what kind of home loan will work best for you, it will be time to compare three or more lenders to determine the right mortgage rate offer for you. With a Loan Estimate from each lender compared side-by-side, you'll be able to see which lender is giving you a good mortgage rate combined with the lowest origination fees.

  • The answer depends on your needs. Lenders vary by the types of loans and services they offer as well as their credit score minimums and other requirements for borrowers. The best mortgage lender is the one that offers the products you need, has requirements you can meet and charges the lowest mortgage rates and fees.

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