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Our Nerdy Values

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Your values are your principles or standards of behavior — your judgment of what’s important in life.

At NerdWallet, we have our own values — values that make us unique, values that shape the framework for what it means to be a Nerd, values that serve as the foundation for what’s important to us as a company and as individuals.

Our Nerdy values are seen throughout the office, can be heard from our leaders and come out in everyday conversations among Nerds. We make decisions based on our values, we choose which problems to solve based on our values, we connect with one another based on our values and we improve based on our values. Here’s a look at these values, the four pillars that make us the Nerds we are and that shape the culture we’re building.

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Consumer, Company, Team, Self

We believe that doing what’s best for consumers is the right strategy. Putting company and team goals before our own allows us to collaborate with greater trust and effectiveness. It’s the fastest path to success, both collectively and individually.

Drivers Before Solutions

We believe in figuring out what the most important thing to do is, and then doing it. Solving the right problem requires addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms. It takes a thoughtful and strategic approach to unlock step-function growth.

Healthy Relationships, Hard Conversations

Disrupting consumer finance is incredibly hard work. We take risks, make mistakes and experience failure together. Cultivating positive relationships and empowering one another with honest and direct feedback heightens our ability to overcome roadblocks.

Relentless Self-Improvement

Continuous improvement compounds quickly — for ourselves and for the company. A growth mindset is our best tool for tackling the tough and ambiguous challenges ahead. We believe in approaching each day with the humility to recognize our weaknesses and a commitment to developing ourselves and others.
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