Top 9 Things to do During your NerdWallet Internship

June 21, 2021
group of people working together, red background

The following article is part of a series of articles about our NerdWallet Internship program. Sakina Mithani shared their experience as an software engineer intern. If you are curious about joining NerdWallet as an intern or full-time employee, please apply for one of our open positions!

  1. Meet new people – NWConnect / MeetANerd
    Are you interested in what other people are working on? Join the #meetanerd slack channel or participate in NWConnect to be connected with another person in the organization and learn about what they do at NerdWallet :) As an intern, this is a great opportunity to meet people on different teams and discover new opportunities!
  2. Have a Zoom work sessions with your culture buddies and/or fellow interns
    If you’re exploring new ways to work remotely, try out hosting zoom work sessions with your culture buddy, your team, and/or your fellow interns. Work sessions can be a great way to be in a focused working environment with minimal social expectations! Put on some music, set a goal for what you want to finish during the session, and get to work (silently) together :)
  3. Take advantage of deep dives & discussions
    Deep dives are a great way to learn about different parts of the organization, ask any questions you may have about the org, or even questions regarding the career of the person giving the deep dive. Discussions with MTLs are an awesome way to ask your burning questions about what they do, and how they got to where they are. I would recommend coming to these meetings with questions prepared :)
  4. Join some fun slack channels!
    There are so many awesome slack channels! My favs include #whats-cooking for some awesome food pics, #the-punnel-tunnel for some punny jokes, and #cats for some cute cat pics :)
  5. Participate in Hackathon
    The hackathon was an amazing experience here at NerdWallet – you’re given 4 days to work on any project you can think of with people from throughout the organization! This was a great opportunity to explore a different part of the org you’re interested in and work with new people. For example, my Hackathon group worked on developing a google chrome extension to identify Currency components on a given page – this was a great way to explore some of the frontend work at NerdWallet.
  6. Demo!
    PEDD (Product, Engineering, Data, Design) demos happen every two weeks and it’s a great environment to get experience presenting and to show off the work you have done on your project! All you have to do is sign up, pick a hype song to play before your presentation, and give a ~5 minute demo of your work to an awesome audience :)
  7. Join an ERG or Club
    NerdWallet has a ton of ERGs and clubs! This term, I joined Women in Data and Engineering which hosted some awesome monthly lunches to talk to other women in the eng organization. Additionally, clubs like the book club are a great way to meet people who share your interests – this term, book club held a meeting to discuss the book Mexican Gothic where interesting conversations were held regarding the book’s themes and characters.
  8. Attend Office Hours!
    Take a look at the Office Hours calendar on your google calendar and see if there are any teams you want to learn more about or have project related questions for! If so, office hours are a great way to connect with that team and ask any questions you may have.
  9. Participate Fully at Intern Events
    The University Recruiting team plans some awesome, fun events for nerdlings! This is a great time to bond with your fellow interns and culture buddies, and can be a great break from your project work. Participate fully at these events to get the most out of them by actively answering questions, playing games, and more! Some of the events we had during our internship included an airbnb experience about the Black Plague in Prague, a virtual escape room, and a scavenger hunt!