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The Healthiest Vegetables

May 12, 2014
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Whether you’re looking for a vegetable side for tonight’s dinner or planning a lifestyle switch, knowing the healthiest vegetables can help you to plan meals and make your ingredient choices wisely. Here are some of the healthiest vegetables, according to the George Mateljan Foundation–and their calorie, carbohydrate, and fat counts according to the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Vegetable Calories in 1 cup Carbohydrates in 1 cup (grams) Fat in 1 cup (grams)
Asparagus Calories in asparagus: 27 Carbs in asparagus: 5.2 Fat in asparagus: 0.16
Avocados Calories in avocados: 240 Carbs in avocados: 12.8 Fat in avocados: 21.99
Beets Calories in beets: 58 Carbs in beets: 13 Fat in beets: 0.23
Sweet red pepper Calories in bell peppers: 46 Carbs in bell peppers: 8.98 Fat in bell peppers: 0.45
Broccoli Calories in broccoli: 31 Carbs in broccoli: 6.04 Fat in broccoli: 0.34
Brussels sprouts Calories in brussels sprouts: 38 Carbs in brussels sprouts: 7.88 Fat in brussels sprouts: 0.26
Cabbage Calories in cabbage: 22 Carbs in cabbage: 5.16 Fat in cabbage: 0.09
Carrots Calories in carrots: 52 Carbs in carrots: 12.26 Fat in carrots: 0.31
Cauliflower Calories in cauliflower: 27 Carbs in cauliflower: 5.32 Fat in cauliflower: 0.3
Celery Calories in celery: 16 Carbs in celery: 3 Fat in celery: 0.17
Collard greens Calories in collard greens: 12 Carbs in collard greens: 1.95 Fat in collard greens: 0.22
Sweet yellow corn Calories in corn: 125 Carbs in corn: 27.12 Fat in corn: 1.96
Cucumbers Calories in cucumbers: 16 Carbs in cucumbers: 3.78 Fat in cucumbers: 0.11
Eggplant Calories in eggplant: 20 Carbs in eggplant: 4.82 Fat in eggplant: 0.15
Fennel Calories in fennel: 27 Carbs in fennel: 6.35 Fat in fennel: 0.17
Garlic Calories in garlic: 203 Carbs in garlic: 44.96 Fat in garlic: 0.68
Green beans Calories in green beans: 31 Carbs in green beans: 6.97 Fat in green beans: 0.22
Green peas Calories in green peas: 117 Carbs in green peas: 20.95 Fat in green peas: 0.58
Kale Calories in kale: 33 Carbs in kale: 5.86 Fat in kale: 0.62
Leeks Calories in leeks: 54 Carbs in leeks: 12.59 Fat in leeks: 0.27
Mushrooms, crimini Calories in mushrooms, crimini: 19 Carbs in mushrooms, crimini: 3.74 Fat in mushrooms, crimini: 0.09
Mustard greens Calories in mustard greens: 15 Carbs in mustard greens: 2.62 Fat in mustard greens: 0.24
Onions Calories in onions: 46 Carbs in onions: 10.74 Fat in onions: 0.12
White potatoes Calories in potatoes: 104 Carbs in potatoes: 23.56 Fat in potatoes: 0.15
Romaine lettuce Calories in romaine lettuce: 8 Carbs in romaine lettuce: 1.55 Fat in romaine lettuce: 0.14
Spinach Calories in spinach: 7 Carbs in spinach: 1.09 Fat in spinach: 0.12
Squash, summer Calories in squash, summer: 24 Carbs in squash, summer: 4.93 Fat in squash, summer: 0.34
Squash, winter Calories in squash, winter: 56 Carbs in squash, winter: 14.59 Fat in squash, winter: 0.14
Sweet potatoes Calories in sweet potatoes: 114 Carbs in sweet potatoes: 26.76 Fat in sweet potatoes: 0.07
Swiss chard Calories in swiss chard: 7 Carbs in swiss chard: 1.35 Fat in swiss chard: 0.07
Cherry tomatoes Calories in tomatoes: 27 Carbs in tomatoes: 5.8 Fat in tomatoes: 0.3
Turnip greens Calories in turnip greens: 18 Carbs in turnip greens: 3.92 Fat in turnip greens: 0.16

Source: NerdWallet Health analysis. Healthiest vegetables as reported by the George Mateljan Foundation. Calorie, carbohydrate, and fat values are for one cup of raw vegetable from the USDA.

Vegetable photo courtesy of Shutterstock.