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Debbie Duncan

Debbie Duncan

Contributing Writer and Editor Personal finance and health content

Debbie Duncan is a writer and editor specialising in personal finance and health content, translating complex subjects for a broad audience. She juggles several freelance roles, including working as a senior sub-editor at Money magazine and as a senior writer at News Corp’s creative services department.

Previously, she spent two years teaching English in Europe and planned to return to Australia to work as a translator in Maltese, Italian, French and Greek. Instead, she ventured into publishing and started her first role as a book editor, working on legal and academic textbooks. Debbie then made the move to magazines, where she has worked for many years across print and digital content.

She lives in Sydney, Australia, where she continues to work on achieving the ideal work-life balance.

Education: B.A. in Languages and Linguistics from the University of New England/Latrobe University
Previous Experience: Money magazine and News Corp.

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