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Published June 28, 2024

Westpac Flex Card Overview 2024 

Westpac Flex Card can earn cashback rewards and doesn't charge interest. There's a $10 monthly fee, but only when you carry a balance.

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Westpac Flex Card

Up to $120

Flat monthly fee



The Flex Card is a no-frills digital card without interest charges, plus the small monthly fee can be waived. It has the lowest costs of all six Westpac credit cards — as long as it’s used responsibly and the balance is paid off in full before the next statement is due.

Fees, interest rates and other details

FeatureWestpac Flex Card
Monthly fee$0 (or $10 if you don’t pay your balance off in full each billing cycle).
(Variable) purchase rateNone.
(Variable) cash advance rateNot offered.
Balance transfer rateNot offered.
Credit limit$1,000.
Minimum repayment$40, or paid in full if the closing balance is less than $40.
Interest-free days on purchasesNot available.
Additional cardholdersNot available.
Card networkMastercard.
Intro offerNone.
Rewards programNone, but the card comes with access to bonus cashback and offers via Westpac Extras.
Included insuranceNone.
Benefits• Earn bonus cashback when you shop via the Westpac Lounge on ShopBack. You must create a ShopBack account and link it to your Westpac card to earn.
• Sign up for Westpac Extra to get even more special cashback offers and claim discounts.
• Digital cards are instantly available for use once approved. (Physical cards are available upon request.)
• Digital CVC that refreshes every 24 hours to help reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.
• Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets.
• Westpac Protect™ SMS Code.
• Fraud Money Back Guarantee.

Basic overview

The Westpac Flex Card is a no-interest credit card with a $1,000 credit limit. It doesn’t impose foreign transaction fees or charge late fees. You can start using the digital card instantly if your application is approved. 

While not a rewards card, the Flex Card does allow you to earn bonus cashback on eligible transactions through the ShopBack platform and claim Westpac Extras offers. 

Important: To use the Flex Card, you must set up Autopay, Westpac’s direct debit service for automatic payments. You must be prepared with enough funds in your linked bank account to cover the minimum payment or closing balance when your statement is due. If your bank balance typically falls low, you may get hit with dishonour fees or additional penalties. So, carefully consider whether you can meet the Autopay requirement before applying.

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Understanding the monthly fee

Westpac will charge a $10 monthly fee if you do not pay off the card’s balance in full every month. Over a year, this can add up to $120 — similar to the amount you’d owe if the interest rate was 12% per annum and you carried a daily balance of $1,000. 

The best way to avoid the monthly fee is to pay off your balance in full every month. 

If you cannot do this, you’d need to spend enough via the ShopBack platform to earn $10 monthly cashback. But remember, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily just to save $10. Only take advantage of these cashback offers when they make sense to your budget and needs.  

Offers and rewards

The Westpac Flex Card does not have a welcome offer, as of this writing.

You can earn bonus cashback when you shop via the Westpac Lounge on ShopBack. To start earning, you must first create a ShopBack account online or via the Westpac mobile app. 

Cashback offers vary depending on the item you purchase through ShopBack. Westpac cardholders can get an additional 10% cash back on select brands.

Any cash you earn back via the ShopBack platform is deposited into your ShopBack account within 90 days of the transaction. You can keep the cash in your account, or transfer it to a PayPal account or bank account.  


Who may be eligible?

This card is currently only available to existing Westpac customers. In addition, to apply for the Westpac Flex Card, you must:

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Who might be suited to this card?

According to Westpac’s Target Market Determination (TMD)[1], this product may be suitable for applicants who:

Who might not be suited to this card?

Westpac’s TMD states that this product may not be suitable for applicants who:

How to submit an application

If you want to submit a credit card application for the Westpac Flex card online, make sure you meet all of the above eligibility requirements and have the following items handy before you start:

Once you’re ready, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and follow the online prompts. The process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

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Customer satisfaction ratings

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Frequently asked questions

What is the credit limit on the Westpac Flex Card

The Westpac Flex Card has a credit limit of $1,000. 

Does Westpac Flex Card have foreign transaction fees?

The Westpac Flex Card does not charge foreign transaction fees on purchases made in other currencies.

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