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Foreign ATM and Debit Card Transaction Fees by Bank

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Foreign transaction fees can turn your debit card into a financial drag when traveling overseas. Whether you’re making purchases or withdrawing cash at ATMs, these fees can rack up fast, just as they can when using credit cards abroad.

A foreign transaction fee is charged as a percentage — often 1% to 3% — of the amount of a purchase made outside the U.S. It may be tacked on when you use a debit card at a retailer or restaurant overseas. Many banks also apply the fee to ATM withdrawals. There may be additional fees charged by the bank, and the overseas ATM owner may add on a few euros or yen as well.

But some banks are more traveler-friendly. A few, highlighted below, don’t charge these fees at all. (Also check out our roundup of foreign ATM and debit card fees by bank.)

Banks with no debit card foreign transaction or ATM fees

Capital One 360

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Capital One’s online bank stands apart from many banks because it doesn’t charge a currency conversion fee or a fee for using a foreign ATM network. If an out-of-network ATM operator charges you a fee, however, it won’t be reimbursed by Capital One 360.

Charles Schwab Bank

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This brokerage firm’s banking unit doesn’t charge a fee when you use its debit card at an ATM overseas. In fact, it offers unlimited reimbursements for ATM fees from cash withdrawals worldwide, regardless of the network used. And it doesn’t charge currency conversion fees for debit card transactions.

Discover Bank

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Discover doesn’t charge foreign ATM network or foreign transaction fees. But Discover card acceptance can be limited outside of the U.S., Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean nations.

Foreign transaction fees by financial institution

Before you travel overseas, see how much it may cost to use your debit card at your destination. Fees shown below are what the bank or credit union charges when a person with a basic checking account makes an international ATM withdrawal or debit card purchase.

  • Foreign debit card purchase cost refers to foreign transaction fees — often 1% to 3% — and currency conversion fees (if applicable)
  • Foreign ATM cost refers to out-of-network ATM fees plus any foreign transaction fees (if applicable)

Be aware that some ATM owners tack on their own fee in addition to what your bank may charge. And note that people with premium checking accounts might be eligible for certain fee waivers.

InstitutionForeign debit card purchase costForeign ATM withdrawal cost

Alliant Credit Union

1%1% of amount

Alliant reimburses up to $20 monthly for out-of-network ATM fees, including abroad

Ally Bank

Up to 1%Up to 1% of amount

Aspiration Bank

1.1% (0.9% for transaction plus 0.2% for currency conversion)1.1% of amount

Aspiration fully reimburses all fees incurred from ATM usage, including internationally

Bank of America

3%$5 + 3% of amount

Bank5 Connect

1%1% of amount


3%$5 + 3% of amount (no $5 fee for Texas account holders)

BBVA Compass

3%$2.50 + 1% of amount

BMO Harris

3%$3 + 3% of amount

Chase Bank

3%$5 + 3% of dollar amount (For balance inquiries at ATMs, it's $2.50.)


3%$2.50 non-Citibank ATM fee + 3% of amount

Citizens Bank

2.8% or 3%, depending on whether purchase made in U.S. dollars or foreign currency$3 + 2.8% or 3% of amount

Connexus Credit Union

Up to 1.5%$2 + up to 1.5% of amount
No fees for the first four to six ATM withdrawals, depending on the account

Consumers Credit Union

2%$2 + 2% of amount

Fifth Third Bank

3.2% (3% for transaction and 0.20% for currency conversion)$5 + 3.2% of amount


3%$2.50 + 3% of amount

M&T Bank

Greater of 50 cents or 3%Greater of $5 or 3% of amount

Nationwide Bank

0.8% or 1%, depending on whether there is a currency conversion$1.50 + 0.8% or 1% of amount

Navy Federal Credit Union

0.8% or 1%, depending on whether there's a currency conversion$1 + 0.8% or 1% of amount

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Up to 2%Up to 2% of amount

Radius Bank

1.1% (0.9% for the transaction plus 0.2% for currency conversion)1.1% of amount

Radius reimburses all fees incurred from ATM usage, including internationally

Regions Bank

3%$5 + 3% of amount

SunTrust Bank

Up to 3%$5 + up to 3% of amount

TD Bank


Union Bank


U.S. Bank

2% or 3%, depending on whether the purchase is in U.S. dollars or international currency$2.50 + 2% or 3% of amount

Wells Fargo Bank


If the fees connected to your current bank seem too expensive, consider switching to a more travel-friendly bank or use a no foreign transaction fee credit card, especially if you travel abroad frequently. And no matter where you bank, let your financial institution know where you’ll be traveling before you depart to avoid any unwarranted fraud alerts on your account.

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Updated July 31, 2017.