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NerdWallet Celebrates ‘NerdLove’

February 23, 2016
Corporate News

Nerds were feelin’ the love last week as we celebrated our second annual NerdLove week; five days dedicated to showing gratitude, appreciation and love for our Nerds — what we affectionately call our employees — and the work they do.

Curated by our incredible PeopleOps team, Nerds enjoyed surprise events, activities and treats in line with the five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, gift giving, acts of service, and the five senses. Nerds sent NerdGrams to fellow Nerds, enjoyed 15-minute chair massages, made Valentine’s Day cards for people in the community, and were treated to an on-site saxophone concert with musician Justin Ward.

Here’s a look at the lovin’ our Nerds felt all week:

20160209_NerdLove_Gift_13 IMG_1214

20160209_NerdLove_Gift_32 (1) IMG_1197

20160209_NerdLove_Gift_45 IMG_1202