Advertiser Disclosure

NerdWallet Editorial Guidelines

Here at NerdWallet, our number one priority is you. That’s why we share things like how we make money and uphold editorial guidelines to ensure integrity. And we do it all so you can enjoy our tools, advice and recommendations, with clarity and confidence.


Key Principles

  • Every reader is entitled to fair and accurate information.
  • The difference between editorial content and marketing messages should be transparent.
  • Editorial integrity must not be compromised by advertiser influence.

Editorial Integrity

  • Editorial content must be honest, accurate and fact-checked.
  • Reviews and assessments should be objective, factual and based on the actual attributes of the product.

Editorial Independence

  • Our editorial staff, and independent contractors under its supervision, are responsible for creating editorial content, including written reviews and assessments.
  • Reviews and assessments are based on NerdWallet’s editorial staff’s analysis and reflect the views of the editorial staff or its contractors.
  • Editorial staff should not receive any direct compensation from advertisers.
  • Providing favorable or unfavorable reviews and/or assessments for specific products or partners will not be a factor in writer employee performance evaluations or compensation reviews.