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Exercising with your Pet and Your Fitbit Flex

July 7, 2014
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A great way to get fit and help you to lead a healthier lifestyle is to exercise with your pet, who also needs a daily dose of exercise to live a longer, fuller life. But how do you know if you and your pet are getting enough exercise? Enter the Fitbit Fitness tracker, which was featured by as one of the best deals in the business.

Go the Distance

Grab Fido’s leash and strap your Fitbit Flex fitness tracker around your wrist and head out for a long walk or run, which you can track on your Fitbit Flex that is made to count your every step with its advanced 3-axis accelorometer.  Before your walk, you can also set a goal of how many steps you’d like to take with your pet and when you reach that goal, your Fitbit will help you celebrate by lighting up and vibrating.

You can also try straping your Fitbit around your pet’s leg to track his every step, purchase a separate Fitbit just for your pet or there are also a number or fitness trackers that are made just for pets, including a FitBark, which attaches to your dog’s collar and can provide insight into your dog’s health and behavior. Also on the market is a product called the Whistle Activity Monitor, which tracks your dog’s activity and sends updates to your smartphone. Or the Tagg, which not only tracks your canine’s steps, but also uses advanced GPS in case he decides to take himself for a walk.

With you and Fido both wearing a fitness tracker, compare the results to see if you or your pet is getting more exercise.  After all, a little friendly competition between you and your pet could help boost your motivation.

You can also use your Fitbit and your pet’s tracker to track just how much sleep you both get — a good night’s sleep will help you both to be more productive, especially when it comes to your daily exercise routine.

Best Exercise Practices With Your Pet

Once you have your Fitbit Flex, which retails for $100, but is available for as low as $89.95 at Brookstone, you will want to set exercise goals for both you and your canine companion, but just how much exercise should you both get?

In general, active dog breeds need about 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise most every day of the week, which is good news for your pet since you should be getting in just as much exercise — a healthy adult needs a minimum of two and a half hours a week or moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as a nice long walk or a minimum of one and a quarter hours a week of vigorous aerobic activity, which could equate to a daily run with your pet.