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T-Mobile Tablet Plans

Sept. 13, 2018
Cell Phones, Utilities
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T-Mobile lets you connect your tablet or mobile hot spot to its 4G LTE network via its T-Mobile One unlimited plan or select prepaid plans.

T-Mobile tablet plans

Connect your tablet to T-Mobile’s network in two ways: add it to your existing plan or purchase a prepaid data-only package.

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Add a Tablet

You can add a tablet or hot spot to a T-Mobile One family plan for $25 on top of your monthly plan fee, which starts at $75 for one line. T-Mobile offers a $5 per month, per device discount if you sign up for automatic payments.


Prepaid plans require no commitment or credit check and let you purchase daily, weekly or monthly data packages. These plans include unlimited music streaming via select services and unlimited 2G data, which kicks in after you use up your high-speed data allotment. Simple Choice North America plans automatically renew every 30 days; passes don’t.

simple choice north america

  • 2GB: $10.
  • 6GB: $25.
  • 10GB: $40.
  • 14GB: $55.
  • 18GB: $70.
  • 22GB: $85.


  • 500MB (1-day pass): $5.
  • 1GB (7-day pass): $10.
  • 3GB (30-day pass): $30.

How T-Mobile’s tablet plans compare on price

The table below compares postpaid and prepaid tablet plans from the four major carriers, as well as tablet plans from prepaid-only carriers such as Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk Wireless. Keep in mind that some carriers’ data-only plans for mobile Wi-Fi hot spots are more expensive.

We’ve added Verizon and U.S. Cellular‘s “plan fee” with their “device connection” fee to provide a more accurate picture of their monthly costs.

Some prepaid carriers allow data access for more or less time than the usual monthlong period, which we’ve indicated in the footnotes.

 1GB or less1.5-3GB4-5GB6-7GB8-9GB10GB or more
* Data usable for less than one month
Data usable for more than one month
AT&T$14.99 (250MB)$30 (3GB)$50 (5GB)
AT&T Prepaid$25 (3GB)$50 (8GB)$75 (15GB)
Boost Mobile$25 (1.5GB)$50 (10GB)
MetroPCS$15 (2GB)$25 (4GB)$35 (6GB)
Net10$10 (500MB)*

$20 (1GB)
$30 (2.5GB)$50 (5GB)†
Straight Talk$15 (1GB)$25 (2GB)$40 (4GB)†

$50 (5GB)†
$75 (7GB)†
T-Mobile Prepaid$5 (500MB)*
$10 (1GB)*
$10 (2GB)
$30 (3GB)
$25 (6GB)$40 (10GB)
$55 (14GB)
$70 (18GB)
$85 (22GB)
Verizon$30 (2GB)$40 (4GB)$50 (6GB)$60 (8GB)$70 (10GB)
Verizon Prepaid$15 (500MB)*

$20 (1GB)
$35 (2GB)†$60 (5GB)†$100 (10GB)†

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