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Here you’ll discover 24 widgets from NerdWallet, covering credit cards, investing, banking, loans, insurance and more for you to embed on your own website for your users. On this page, we cover:

1. Credit & Debt
2. Loans (Business, Student, Personal, Auto)
3. Saving & Budgeting
4. Investing & Taxes
5. Mortgage & Home Buying
6. Retirement
7. Insurance
8. Best Practices
9. FAQs

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Credit & Debt

1. Widget: Find a credit card

2. Widget: Debt consolidation

Loans (Business, Student, Auto)

4. Widget: Business loan calculator

5. Widget: Consolidate student loans

6. Widget: Income-driven student loan repayment

7. Widget: Student loan calculator

8. Widget: Student loan refinance calculator

9. Widget: Car payment calculator

10. Widget: Should I buy or lease

11. Widget: Student loan payoff calculator


Saving & Budgeting

11. Widget: Find an online savings account

12. Widget: Are you saving enough?

13. Widget: The 50/30/20 budget


Investing & Taxes

14. Widget: Find a robo-advisor

15. Widget: Net worth calculator

16. Widget: Tax bracket calculator


Mortgage & Home Buying

17. Widget: Compare mortgage rates

18. Widget: Closing costs calculator

19. Widget: Mortgage income calculator

20. Widget: How much can I borrow?

21. Widget: Debt to income ratio

22. Widget: 15-year vs. 30-year mortgage calculator

23. Widget: Home improvement financing calculator

24. Widget: FHA loan calculator

25. Widget: VA loan calculator

26. Widget: Mortgage calculator

27. Widget: Refinance calculator

28. Widget: Home equity loan calculator



29. Widget: Retirement on-ramp



30. Widget: How much life insurance do I need

Best Practices: How to optimize NerdWallet widgets

Placement is key!

Include them in contextually relevant pages. For example:

  • Place a retirement widget in a savings or retirement article or home page.
  • Place a personal loans widget in story pages related to starting a small business, buying a car or home, consolidating debt, paying for school.

Place widgets inline whenever possible.

  • Place widgets between paragraphs where they’re relevant to what your users are reading about.
  • Right rail placements tend to feel like ads.


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Yes, these widgets are responsive. They will flex to be 100% of the width of whatever container or screen size they are displayed in (all except one, the personal loans rates widget), and will adjust styling (such as font size, column arrangement, etc) to fit the container or screen size as well. A few of the widgets may grow in height depending on user inputs. For these widgets, the widget will know to get taller when this happens. To see their responsiveness, try them out! Drag the window of the tablet or laptop that you’ve viewing on smaller and bigger to watch the widgets flex.
NerdWallet provides tiered browser support. Full support is provided for the latest 2 versions of Chrome on Mac, Windows, Android, and the latest 2 versions of Safari on iOS. Content and navigation support is provided for the latest 2 versions of Chrome on iOS, the latest 2 versions of Firefox on Mac and Windows, the latest 2 versions of Safari on Mac and iOS (in-app), Android Browser, Edge, and IE 11.
Our script tag is very small (7kb) and is hosted on our CloudFront CDN. 99% of the time spent in the script (including writing/loading the iframe) is deferred to an asynchronous event that occurs after the page is loaded. The embed render itself is non-blocking and will not prevent the rest of the page from loading.
We are currently running an invitation-only beta. Please check back for updates in the coming weeks.