Interviewing at NerdWallet

Ready to crush your interview? These practical tips, clever tricks, and FAQs will help boost your confidence and ensure you leave an unforgettable mark on our team!

Music to get nerdy with

Get ready to rock! Dive into our awesome Spotify playlists designed to boost your focus and pump up your excitement while you gear up for your big moment:
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Preparing for your virtual interview


Find a quiet area with strong and reliable internet.


Run a quick check of all necessary equipment (mic, video, Wi-Fi, etc.).


Join your Zoom interview a few minutes early.


Once you join, you won’t need to leave until your interview is concluded.


Remain focused on the conversation. Avoid having multiple screens open.


If you need help with anything, reach out to your recruiting partner.

Interviewing on site?

If you have an on-site interview, plan to get to the office five minutes early, and sign in via Envoy when you arrive.

Email [email protected] if you need help finding our office.

Interview questions you might hear

Pro tips from our team

Our company

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Our Mission

To provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions.

Our Vision

A world where everyone makes financial decisions with confidence.

Our values

Our values shape everything we do. They’re not just words written on a wall, but ideals lived and breathed every day by every Nerd.

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    Our leaders have crafted a culture where every Nerd can make a lasting impact. Their commitment to ownership and growth sets the stage for teams to chase individual opportunities while pushing NerdWallet forward.
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    Diversity, equity, and inclusion
    At NerdWallet, we want our employees to live their best lives — however they identify. This means fostering an inclusive culture that allows all Nerds to grow their skills, contribute, and thrive with the confidence of belonging.
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    Perks and benefits
    Our benefits — from quality health insurance to competitive retirement solutions to flexible time off — help our Nerds remain exceptional.

Proud to be remote-first

Love working from home? So do we

While we’ve got offices in San Francisco, Arizona, New York, and the UK, we’ve transitioned to a remote-first workplace. That means most employees can work remotely from anywhere in the U.S.

We offer a generous stipend to help Nerds set up their home offices, flexible scheduling for parents and caregivers, and much more.

We’ve been recognized as a Top Place to Work by: