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Information written by Rhiannon Philps Last updated on 19 April 2022.

What is caravan breakdown cover and how does it work?

Caravan breakdown cover is a policy that can help you out if your car or caravan breaks down. It means you can call your provider for assistance and they will arrange for a mechanic to come out to help you. They will try to fix your car at the scene so you can continue your journey, or take you to a garage if it needs more extensive repairs.

Which garage you go to and whether you are covered for alternative transport will depend on the level of cover you have.

Paying for a breakdown policy in advance normally works out cheaper than paying a nearby garage for emergency help if you break down without cover.

What’s usually included in caravan breakdown cover?

All caravan breakdown policies will cover the cost of emergency roadside assistance when you break down. As part of your cover, a mechanic will try to repair your car or, failing that, take you to a nearby garage. This is usually the minimum level of cover offered by a breakdown policy, but most providers will offer more comprehensive policies.

For example, caravan breakdown cover may include Home Start cover and cover for onward travel arrangements. Depending on the policy and your situation, policies may also include cover to take you to your campsite and back home.

Bear in mind that the cost of parts and the cost of fixing your vehicle at a garage won’t generally be included under standard breakdown cover, although you might be able to add it as an optional extra.

Caravan breakdown cover will usually cover the towing vehicle and the caravan or trailer being towed, as long as they meet the provider’s requirements.

Types of cover

Providers may call their policies slightly different names, but listed below are some of the main types of cover available.

  • Roadside assistance will cover you for any emergency call-outs. Included in this type of policy is the cost of a mechanic coming out to your car and caravan and, if necessary, towing them to a nearby garage.
  • Caravan recovery offers more protection than roadside assistance. Rather than towing you to the closest garage, this policy will cover the cost of taking your car and caravan to any destination of your choice. This is also known as national recovery.
  • Home assistance means you can call for help if you break down at or close to home. Without this feature, policies may not cover you if you break down within a certain distance of your home.
  • Onward travel is a comprehensive level of breakdown cover that means you can continue your journey if your car or caravan will be out of action for a while. For example, it could cover the cost of public transport, a hire car, or overnight accommodation.
  • European cover means you are covered if you break down with your caravan in Europe, not just in the UK.

What should I look out for when comparing breakdown cover for caravans?

When comparing cover, you should check for any exclusions or restrictions. For example, if a policy says they will take you to your destination if your car breaks down, see if they set a maximum distance. Perhaps most importantly, you should check that your vehicle and the caravan or trailer you want to tow meets any dimension requirements set by the provider.

It is also worth checking the terms of policies to see what happens to your caravan if your car breaks down and vice versa. Some policies will make sure they are reunited once the problem is fixed, but this may not be the case for every policy.

Is a vehicle-based policy or a personal policy best for caravan breakdown cover?

This depends on who usually drives the vehicle you want to cover and whether you often drive multiple vehicles. Vehicle-based cover means that anyone who drives the vehicle named on the policy is covered, while personal cover means the person named on the policy is covered in any vehicle they use.

Vehicle-based breakdown policies are normally cheaper, but if you regularly use multiple vehicles then a personal policy may be more suitable.

Can I get a joint car and caravan cover?

Caravan breakdown policies will cover cars and the caravan or trailer that is being towed. You won’t normally need to get separate breakdown cover for your car in addition to your caravan. Whether your car breaks down or there is a problem with your caravan, you should be covered by your caravan breakdown policy.

What happens if my caravan breaks down but not my car?

If your caravan breaks down, you should call your breakdown provider for help. Someone will try to sort out the problem at the roadside, so you can continue your journey but, if not, they should take the caravan to a garage for repairs. Depending on the level and type of cover you choose, there may be limits on how far your provider will take your caravan.

What will happen to my caravan if my car breaks down?

This will depend on the level of cover you have. Some policies may take your caravan as well as your car to a garage to be fixed, while others may take you and your caravan to another destination, such as your campsite, while your car is repaired. Bear in mind that the provider may set restrictions on how far they can take you.

If your caravan is at the campsite and your car isn’t fixed in time to tow it home, some policies will be able to get you back home.

How do I apply for caravan breakdown cover?

When you apply for caravan breakdown cover, you will need to tell the provider what type of cover you want, how many vehicles you want to cover, whether you want to pay monthly or annually, and whether you want to add any optional extras. Before taking out cover, make sure you confirm that your vehicle and caravan are eligible.

If you already have standard car breakdown cover, you may already be covered for towing caravans and trailers. Check if this is the case and, if not, you may be able to extend your cover so this is included.

I’m a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club – do I get any benefits?

Members of caravan clubs may qualify for special offers or get extra benefits with their cover. This will depend on your club membership and which provider you choose, so it is worth checking to see if you are eligible for any discounts or special features.

How does NerdWallet’s caravan breakdown cover comparison work?

If you need breakdown cover, you can use our comparison table to see which policies are available. You will be able to choose from different types of cover and see how much they cost. There will also be some key details about the policies, such as eligibility criteria for your vehicle, so you can see if you qualify for cover.

Caravan Breakdown Cover FAQs

Are there any length, width or weight restrictions?

Providers will often set length, width, weight and height restrictions for the caravan or trailer being towed. They will only cover towed items that are within their set limits. However, some providers may not have any restrictions.

Do all vehicles or members on a policy have to live at the same address?

Most providers will require all people named on a breakdown policy to live at the same address. If you cover multiple vehicles under one policy, most providers will also require all of these to be registered at the same address.

How do I claim on my caravan breakdown cover?

If your vehicle breaks down, you just need to contact your breakdown provider for assistance. Let them know where you are and any other information they may ask for. The provider should then send a mechanic to assist you.

How many times can I claim on my caravan breakdown cover?

Some providers will allow you to make unlimited call-outs in a year, as long as you don’t keep claiming for the same problem. However, other providers may limit the number of claims you can make. Check with the provider to see how many claims they allow.

Can I cover a trailer?

As long as the trailer meets the requirements of the provider, such as any weight or dimension limits, you may be covered under your caravan breakdown cover if you tow a trailer.

If you are towing a horsebox and it meets the requirements set by the provider, you may still be covered. However, check your documents as most providers won’t recover livestock, so you may require specialist cover.

Can I cover a motorhome?

This depends on the provider. Some breakdown policies can cover motorhomes as well as caravans and trailers, but they will need to meet the requirements laid out by the provider. In addition to breakdown cover, make sure you have motorhome insurance so you can legally drive the vehicle.

Can I cover a campervan?

Some caravan breakdown policies will cover campervans, but not all. Breakdown providers will have their own restrictions and eligibility criteria for vehicles so, if you want cover for a campervan, it is worth checking which policies will cater for it.

Check that you have campervan insurance before setting off on your travels.

Is there anything I need to know for travelling to Europe with a caravan?

If you are planning a trip in Europe with your caravan, you should make sure your breakdown policy offers cover for the countries you’ll be travelling to. You can’t use standard breakdown cover in Europe, so you’ll need to add European cover to your policy if you want the reassurance that help will be at hand if you break down abroad.

As well as European caravan breakdown cover, it makes sense to consider buying travel insurance. You will also need to make sure you have all the necessary documents, and check whether you need a green card - proof that you are insured - for your caravan. Find out more about what you need to drive in Europe.

About the author:

Rhiannon is a financial writer for NerdWallet, with a particular interest in personal finance and insurance guides for consumers. Read more

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