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How our site works

The website offers users simple and clear comparisons so customers can make their own decisions on financial products. As a company we are 100% independent meaning we are not owned by any insurance company or bank, which allows us to focus our energy and attention on building comparison tables to help you choose the right product for you.

How our comparison tables work

At the top of each comparison is a drop down box allowing users to list products according to the criteria that is most important to them. When re-ordering the tables the results are shown impartially regardless of any commercial relationships we have with the providers.

Some financial products such as life insurance and secured loans are complicated so we have partnered with award winning brokers and trusted partners in these areas to help you in making your decision.

We also have a wide range of financial guides which are broken down in to an easy FAQ format to help you quickly find the information you need about each product.

NerdWallet UK is not involved with the provision of any of the products featured in the comparison tables and does not give any financial advice. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data on our tables you should always confirm the terms on offer with the provider.

How we make money

Our comparison services on are free of charge to the customer, we do however receive commission from most of the companies we feature in our tables.

We need to make money in order to continue to find you more choice and even better ways to help you save money and to grow as a compliant business.

The companies you see on our site, such as banks, insurers and brokers pay us a fee when you choose them from our comparison table.

How we get paid depends on what product you are comparing. We either get paid a fee, a % of the cost to you, or when you ‘click’ through to a provider.

The fees are advertising costs to the providers and are much smaller than the usual fees from TV or press advertising which is why we have so many providers wanting to work with us.

Who do we work with?

We currently work with over 100 separate companies comparing 1000s of products. Our aim is to list as many brands and deals as we can but this is not always possible as not all companies want their products listed on comparison websites and others cannot handle the volume of enquiries we send them.

Keeping your data safe

We know that feeling safe online is extremely important to our users and we are very strict with how we protect your data.

Please read our privacy policy.

Want to know more?

To get in touch please visit our contact us page.

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