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Trying to understand your business finance options? Whether you are starting up, self-employed or looking to grow your business, find the knowledge you need and the products that can help with our comprehensive guides, articles and comparison pages.
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Compare Van Insurance

Compare the different types of van cover and learn what’s typically covered by a policy.

Compare Travel Insurance

Travel insurance helps protect you if things go wrong while you’re away, such as losing your luggage or serious injury. Compare what it will and won’t cover, and what affects the cost.

Compare Secured Loans in the UK

Secured loans are a form of borrowing that use an asset as collateral, or security. Find out how secured loans work and whether they are right for you

Special features
The Best Cities to Start a Business in Great Britain

The Best Cities to Start a Business in Great Britain

Every town and city can offer something different to a business, whether that’s a perfect location, industry expertise and guidance, or financial support. Find out the 10 best cities in the UK to start a business, based on a range of factors.

How Do I Value My Online Business?

How Do I Value My Online Business?

Putting a value on any business can be challenging but online businesses will require some added thought when it comes to accurately evaluating market worth. We’ve outlined how you can do this successfully.

5 Top Tips to Help Your Business Succeed in 2023

5 Top Tips to Help Your Business Succeed in 2023

Last year was tough for businesses, and 2023 may be even tougher. So how can you ensure your business performs as well as possible in the face of the new year’s litany of challenges? Below are 5 tips to help you succeed in 2023.

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Business finance essentials

From seasonal trading to expanding to a new location, there is an endless list of reasons why you might seek business finance. NerdWallet can help you find the right product for your individual needs.

Business bank accounts

By picking the right business bank account, you can better control your business finances. You may even be able to access an overdraft or business credit card.

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Business loans

Whether you are looking to grow your business, or need an injection of funds to cover a cash flow issue, a carefully chosen business loan can be of assistance.

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Commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage can help you purchase your current business premises, buy a property in a new location to expand your organisation, or one you can rent out to others.

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Invoice financing

Invoice financing lets you borrow money against your pending customer invoices. You can retain control of your sales ledger operations, or you can pass them over to the lender.

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Other business products

We know your needs as a business go beyond just finance. You can find out more about business insurance, landlord insurance, business energy and accounting software with our comparison pages and detailed guides.

Business insurance

You could cover the compensation costs and legal fees of a claim made against your business, or get financial help replacing vital tools and equipment, with business insurance.

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Landlord insurance

If you own a property you rent out to residential or commercial tenants, you may want to look into landlord insurance.

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Business energy

Gas and electricity bills can be two of your biggest business expenses. But you could potentially save money by switching providers.

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Accounting software

If you are struggling to keep on top of your finances, accounting software could help you regain control and make sure your taxes are in order.

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Everything you need to know about your business finance options

We want to empower you to make the best decisions for your individual business. That is why we have put together a series of comprehensive how-to guides and articles on everything you need to know about your business finance options.

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