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Published 06 December 2023

Mortgage Calculators

Use our mortgage calculators to get an estimate of monthly mortgage repayments, work out how much you could borrow, and see how interest rate changes and overpaying may affect your mortgage.

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Our mortgage repayment calculator below gives you an idea of the monthly repayments you might make on different mortgage rates, amounts and terms.  

Mortgage Details

Estimated Mortgage Repayment

The following is a guide to repayments over the full term of the mortgage and assumes your interest rate remains the same for the entire duration.


Monthly Mortgage Repayment
Loan To Value
Mortgage Term
25 Years
Interest Paid
Total Paid
Change Details

Your mortgage debt over time

Balance remaining in undefined

This calculator is designed to give you a guide on mortgage costs. It also makes certain assumptions to be able to provide calculations over a longer period that will not be reflected in your own mortgage. The actual mortgage you obtain will depend on a number of factors that are specific to your own personal and financial circumstances.

NerdWallet UK mortgage calculators

Our mortgage calculators can help estimate your mortgage repayments, the amount you could borrow, your stamp duty costs and more. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving home, remortgaging or involved in buy-to-let, our free and simple online mortgage calculators can save you time, effort and money.

Mortgage borrowing calculator

Get an instant estimate of how much lenders may be willing to let you borrow using our mortgage borrowing calculator.

Stamp duty calculator

Find out how much stamp duty land tax you may need to pay for homes in England and Northern Ireland using our stamp duty calculator.

Mortgage repayment calculator

Get a quick estimate of your monthly mortgage repayments with our mortgage repayment calculator.

Mortgage overpayment calculator

See how much you could save and how soon you could clear your mortgage by paying extra each month, using our mortgage overpayment calculator.

Mortgage interest calculator

Get an idea of how your monthly repayments may change if interest rates go up or down using our mortgage interest rate calculator

Buy-to-let mortgage calculator

For an estimate of how much you could borrow when buying a rental property and the rent you’d need to charge use our buy-to-let mortgage calculator.

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a loan or any other debt secured on it.

What is a mortgage calculator?

Mortgage calculators are tools you can use to estimate how much you can borrow on a mortgage and other mortgage costs in different scenarios. There are mortgage calculators that estimate mortgage payments, and calculate how much mortgage repayments will increase or decrease if a mortgage rate changes. Others are designed to calculate how much interest you could save by overpaying on your mortgage, and how much faster you could pay off your mortgage as a result. A stamp duty calculator gives you an idea of the amount of stamp duty tax you’ll need to pay the government when buying a home.

Who is a mortgage calculator for?

A mortgage calculator may be used by anyone buying a property using a mortgage including:

What information do I need to use a mortgage calculator?

Different mortgage calculators require you to share different information, but some of the details you’ll usually need to have an idea of include:

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Do mortgage calculators involve credit checks? 

Mortgage calculators don’t tend to include credit checks and none of ours do. Credit checks are only usually carried out by a mortgage lender once you’ve completed a full mortgage application.   

What will my mortgage repayments be?

Your monthly mortgage repayments will depend on the size of your mortgage, your mortgage rate, and the period of time – or mortgage term – over which you intend to pay off your entire mortgage. You can use our mortgage repayment calculator to help you work out how much your mortgage payments may be. 

How much mortgage can I afford to borrow?

How much you could borrow through a mortgage will depend on several factors. Each lender has its own criteria for calculating how much they may be willing to lend to you. Your income, outgoings,  employment status, credit score and deposit all usually affect the mortgage you can afford. Our mortgage borrowing calculator can give you an idea of the mortgage you may be able to get.

How much deposit do I need for a house?

Typically you’ll need a minimum deposit of 5% of a property’s value to get a mortgage. Having a larger deposit usually gives you access to better mortgage rates and deals. 

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What types of mortgages can you get?

The main mortgage types you can get include:

Can a mortgage calculator help to find the best mortgage deals?

Mortgage calculators can help you work out the amount of mortgage you can afford and how different mortgage rates may affect your repayments. However, to find a specific mortgage deal you’ll need to shop around. Speaking to a mortgage adviser is a good way to help you find the best deals for your financial circumstances, or you may be confident to do your own research.

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