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Whether you’re a first-time buyer, remortgaging, moving home or looking into buy-to-let, everything needed to find the right mortgage for you is here.

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Latest mortgage news

More Cuts in Mortgage Rates Predicted for 2024

More Cuts in Mortgage Rates Predicted for 2024

Further mortgage rate cuts are widely forecast for 2024 amid a lender price war and predictions the base rate will be heading lower by May.

What Happens if my Landlord Sells up?

What Happens if my Landlord Sells up?

More and more landlords are throwing in the towel and selling up. But what does it mean for the tenants caught in the middle as the rental market becomes more difficult – and unaffordable – to navigate?

Scope For Mortgage Rate Cuts Despite Warning They May Slow

Scope For Mortgage Rate Cuts Despite Warning They May Slow

There may be room for mortgage rates to carry on falling but there are suggestions the OBR inflation forecast could see the pace of cuts slow. Here are our latest mortgage rate predictions.

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Mortgage lender reviews

Types of mortgage borrower

From buying your first home to becoming a landlord, there are many reasons you may be looking for a mortgage. NerdWallet can help you find a mortgage that is suitable for you.

First-time buyer

If you’re taking your first step on the property ladder, you’ll usually need a first-time buyer mortgage.

Learn about being a first-time buyer


If you already have a mortgage but want to change it for a new deal, you are looking to remortgage.

Learn about remortgaging

Home mover

Moving home gives you the chance to weigh up your current mortgage deal and see if there is a better one for you elsewhere.

Learn about selling and buying a home at the same time


Whether you’re a landlord already or planning to buy your first rental property, a buy-to-let mortgage is what you need if you’re buying property to rent out to tenants.

Learn about buy-to-let

Mortgage basics

Wherever you are on the property ladder, there are some mortgage basics that everyone needs to know about.

Fixed-rate mortgages

For peace of mind that your monthly repayments won’t change you need a fixed-rate mortgage.

Learn about fixed-rate mortgages

Tracker mortgages

Opting for a tracker mortgage means there’s potential for your monthly repayments to go down, but they could just as easily go up.

Learn about tracker mortgages


Your loan-to-value ratio, or LTV, has a key role in determining the mortgage rate you’re able to get.

Learn about loan-to-value

Mortgage eligibility

Mortgage lenders need to check your finances and circumstances to work out if you’re well-placed to pay back any mortgage amount that you borrow.

Learn about mortgage eligibility

Stamp Duty

The Stamp Duty that you may need to pay when buying a property can significantly add to the cost of buying a home.

Learn about Stamp Duty

Mortgage advice

If you’re in any way unsure of your mortgage options, talking to a mortgage adviser may give you a better chance of finding the best mortgage deal for you.

Learn about mortgage advice

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