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About It's Campervan Insurance

We have partnered with It's Campervan Insurance to offer competitive quotes from specialist campervan insurance brands. From extensive experience they understand that the best way of obtaining a competitive camper van insurance quote is by dealing with specialist insurers, so you can be sure you are speaking to the right people. Simply complete the online quote and start saving today.

It's Campervan Insurance FAQs

How do I compare quotes?

Comparing quotations is simple and easy with It's Campervan Insurance. Based on the information you provide in the hassle-free quote form, our service presents several relevant policies, displaying benefits and premiums. This allows you to find the best policy at the most competitive price.

Why do I need specialist campervan cover?

Like standard car insurance, campervan insurance is legally required in order to drive on UK roads. However, the cover provided will be significantly different due to the use of a campervan. A campervan is not only used as a vehicle but it can also contain equipment and personal belongings. Making it even more important that it is insured correctly.

Can I drive my campervan abroad?

European cover for campervans is subject to underwriting criteria and it is prudent to check your policy for full information. Specialist providers offer a wide range of campervan insurance cover and European use and EU cover are common additions to a campervan policy but it is always best to double check your insurance documents.

Can you insure me if my campervan is stolen?

Similar to standard vehicle insurance, there are three types of campervan insurance. These include:

Third Party

As the minimum legal requirement of cover, you will need this in order to drive on UK roads. Third Party offers cover even if you are only partially to blame for an accident or damage caused to another vehicle, as well as any injury. This level of insurance provides no protection for any damage to yourself or your vehicle.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This level of cover offers all cover listed in Third Party but with the extended cover of theft or damage by fire.


As the highest level of insurance, comprehensive cover combines the listed protections from Third Party, Fire & Theft but includes cover for damage to your own campervan or loss of your own campervan. Comprehensive protection also provides cover against death or injury to you or your spouse.In order to ensure that your campervan is covered against theft, you will need to purchase an appropriate level of cover.

Will becoming a member of a campervan club help lower my insurance?

There are benefits to joining a campervan club as some insurers recognise this by offering discounts on policies. Various insurers see club membership as an indication of passion and dedication to your campervan which in turn increases your responsibility rating. Some insurers reward campervan club members by up to 15% discounts on their premiums.

Should I get several quotes for the same policy?

Gaining more than one quote can seem time consuming and sometimes daunting. With It's Campervan Insurance, the hard work is taken care of. Simply fill in the user-friendly form and wait for the most appropriate policies to be presented back to you.

Will my personal property be protected?

As campervan insurance experts, we understand that you will likely be travelling with possessions. If this is an aspect of your insurance that you are keen to include, you can usually choose this extension of cover. A great way to ensure that you are covered at the level you expect is to speak with a campervan insurance expert.

Will my insurance be cheaper if I install a security system?

Systems that will improve your campervans overall security are often favoured by insurers when it comes to premiums, commonly resulting in discounts ranging between 15% - 20%. For campervan insurance there are generally three types of approved security devices; Thatcham Category 2, a manufacturer fitted immobiliser and a Thatcham 1 Security or ‘van BItz'.

Can other family members drive my campervan?

Subject to underwriting criteria, any family member can normally be added as a named driver to your campervan policy, as long as they hold the suitable UK driving license. However, various insurers will insist on an age restriction, so it is wise to check. When calculating premiums, the insurer will consider various factors including age and experience and will likely base their assumptions on the youngest or least experienced driver. It is a good idea to consider how often a named driver will drive the campervan and if it is absolutely necessary for the individual to be on it.

If I don't drive my campervan often can I get a discount?

At it's campervan insurance we understand that many campervans tend to be stored away for a large portion of the year, they can also be relatively low mileage vehicles. When selecting a suitable insurer for your policy this is one of the main aspects we take into consideration as many offer a low mileage bonus, this will be reflected in the level of cover and the premium.

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