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We have partnered with It’s classic car Insurance to offer competitive quotes from specialist classic car insurance brands. From extensive experience they understand that the best way of obtaining a competitive classic car insurance quote is by dealing with specialist insurers, so you can be sure you are speaking to the right people. Simply complete the online quote and start saving today.

It's Classic Car Insurance FAQs

What can It's Classic Car Insurance offer?

Covering a wide range of classic cars, It's Classic Car Insurance offer a full range of affordable insurance policies for classic car owners. All the policies offered by UK specialist insurers are flexible and competitive. You are presented with relevant insurers and you decide the right policy at the right price. Save money today with it's classic car insurance by completing a quick and easy classic car insurance quote.

Classic car insurance can be cheaper than insurance for a modern car due to specifically tailored policies. It's Classic Car Insurance allows you to modify these specific requirements making your policy unique to you.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Whilst there is no standard definition of the term 'classic car' for insurance purposes, a 'classic' is normally any car more than 15 years old with a minimum value of £1,500. However, this criteria may differ depending on the insurer and the underwriting criteria.

With a large enthusiast following, the classic car clubs and culture will generally appreciate the need for suitable classic car insurance.

If a vehicle was built between the start of 1919 and the end of 1930, this would often be referred to as a vintage car.

Do classic car club members get discounted rates?

Being part of a classic car club can lead to reductions and discounts on your insurance policy. Many insurers recognise the passion and dedication of classic car club members and how cherished their vehicle is. Therefore, they are likely to reward you with discounted cover, sometimes by up to 15%.

Can I use my no claims discount?

Most classic car insurance providers do not allow you to use your standard no claims discount and will normally base any discount on your driving history. Classic car insurance policies are not rated using no claims discount therefore, with most traditional classic car insurance policies you will not end your cover with additional claims bonus. However, some insurers may be able to offer standard car insurance for your classic and enable you to use your no claims discount this way.

It's always advised to speak to a specialist insurer and that you ask for further details when speaking to these companies.

What types of cover can I buy?

Similar to standard car insurance, there are varying levels of protection that you can purchase for your classic car. These include:

Laid Up – This cover may be suitable for vehicles that are SORN, with no additional mileage. Depending on criteria, laid up cover can include accidental damage to the vehicle, damage to the vehicle by fire, theft of the vehicle and damage by attempted theft.

Third Party – If you wish to take your classic on a UK road, third party cover is the minimum legal requirement and will offer cover in the situation where by, even if you were only partially to blame for an accident, the insurer will pay for damage to the other person's vehicle, car or property as well as any injury. Third Party protection will not offer protection against damage to you or your vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft – this cover includes the protection of Third Party but you will also be covered in the event that your classic car is damaged by fire or is stolen.

Comprehensive – This is the highest tier of cover for your classic car and offers all protection of Third Party Fire and Theft however, also offers protection against damage or loss of your classic vehicle.

Can I use my classic car for business purposes?

If you plan on using your classic vehicle for business use, you will need to stipulate this as part of your cover options. For example, usage options such as 'social domestic and pleasure including commuting'. However this only covers your classic car to and from one place of work. If you use your classic vehicle to travel to multiple places of work, the most appropriate usage option will be 'business use'. Specialist insurers such as It's Classic Car Insurance offer various schemes to suit your needs.

Can I get a discount for low mileage, as my classic car is my second car?

It is common practice to use your classic car as a second vehicle and many insurers and underwriters appreciate that the car may be used seasonally, resulting in lower mileage.

Limited mileage classic car insurance policies are available through many insurance companies, generally up to 5,000 miles per year.

What does 'agreed value' mean?

Subject to underwriting criteria, in the unfortunate event your vehicle is subject to an accident or theft, where your car is beyond repair, you will receive the full value of your vehicle as agreed with the insurance company, not just the market value of your car.

It is always best to speak to your insurance provider if you require an agreed value.

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