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Do I need motorbike insurance?

If you own a motorbike you must have a minimum of third party motor insurance by law. This gives you protection if you are involved in an accident that damages another vehicle or injures someone else. Other types of insurance can also cover the cost of replacement or repairs if your motorbike is stolen, damaged by fire or vandalised.

Without insurance, you could face a fixed penalty of £300 and six penalty points, an unlimited fine or a driving disqualification. The only exception is if you have a statutory off road notification (SORN). This is a declaration that the motorbike isn’t being used and isn’t ridden or parked on a public road.

What does motorbike insurance cover?

There are three main types of motorbike insurance.

Third Party Third Party,
Fire & Theft
Injury to others or damage to their property
Theft of your car and fire damage
Damage to your car and personal injury costs

You can also add optional cover to your policy, such as protective clothing and breakdown cover. You may need a certain level of cover before you can do this, though, and it's likely to increase your premium.

Motorbike Insurance FAQs

Do I need motorbike insurance?

Anyone driving a vehicle is legally obliged to have insurance against the risk of causing damage or injury to another driver, when using that vehicle. Insurance also covers the driver themselves. Anyone caught without insurance runs the risk of court action, a criminal prosecution and a ban from the road.

Therefore, if you're taking a two or three-wheel vehicle to the road you need motorbike insurance. Of course, there are a huge number of different motorbikes, mopeds and scooters on the road and various factors will affect the cost of a premium.

What types of motorbike insurance are available?

As well as the standard vehicle insurance types of comprehensive, third party and third party, fire and theft, there are also numerous sub-categories that are largely dictated by the type of bike. For example, some insurers have created specialist premiums for classic bikes, young riders, convicted riders, bikers with modified vehicles, mopeds and scooters, and quad bikes.

What will affect my premium?

As with driving any vehicle, experience on the road and driving history – specifically details of any accidents or damage caused in the past five years – will be two of the main factors when applying for motorbike insurance.

The cost of the vehicle will be a factor, and usage and history. For example, has it been modified or adapted? Has it been imported from another country? Will it be used with a sidecar? Is it a rare or vintage model? Are parts easy to source?

Simply inputting the registration plate should tell the insurer the make and model and therefore answer some of these questions, but not necessarily all, so the more knowledge you have the more accurate your cover will be, which will cover you in the event of a claim.

Other factors that could affect your cost include the area you live in (and its crime rate), your occupation, and the amount you ride in a year.

What might be excluded?

Quad bikes and Q-plated bikes will probably require a specialist quote. The latter refers to bikes that might be imported; built using a significant proportion of used parts; ex-military; and /or stolen or recovered.

Remember that your insurance could be invalidated if you do not ride safely. If you broke a law, such as by speeding or being over the drink-drive limit, it could invalidate any claim you attempt for injury. Also, wearing a helmet is mandatory for both riders and passengers, and it must carry a BSI Kitemark.

How can I drive down my costs?

As with any driving, a good period of riding with no accidents or thefts will help you build up several years' No Claim Discount, and therefore lower costs when it comes to swapping or renewing. Riding safely and carefully are the best ways to achieve this.

The more security measures that are put in place to safeguard the bike, the better. Keeping the bike in a locked garage overnight, or in a secure area with CCTV while at work, are two good tips. Fitting alarms, chains, locks and identity systems should lower premiums.

Do I need to insure my vehicle for the whole year?

Yes – even if you are only intending to use it on holiday in the summer or for a specific, short-term period, you still need to either have a premium in place or declare it as off-road through a Statutory Off Road Notification. However, short-term cover might be available through specialist insurers.

Can courses help?

Yes – taking an advanced motorcycle training course can sometimes lower costs.

Does my car no claim discount (NCD) affect my motorbike insurance, and vice versa?

If you've decided to swap from two wheels to four or vice versa, you could be disappointed. Bikes are statistically more dangerous than cars, meaning that linking an NCD in one vehicle type to another is difficult. For example, five years of driving a hatchback is very different to the driving you'd be doing on a 500cc Yamaha.

Therefore, check if any (full) years of NCD can be passed over before purchasing insurance. If using both a car and a bike, you'll probably need separate insurance for both.

What else do I need to know?

  • Paying for a policy annually is usually cheaper than paying monthly
  • The price can sometimes rise considerably if you install another less-experienced rider on your policy
  • Consider extras such as motorcycle breakdown cover, and loss of earnings and legal expense. These may be included within your policy – check before purchasing.
  • Similarly, you may be able to own one bike and ride other motorcycles under one insurance policy, but check first.

How can I get a cheap quote?

One way to get a cheap quote is through using a comparison website. We have partnered with who compare 20+ motorbike insurance providers and are 100% independent meaning they are not owned or have investment from any insurance company.

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