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Originally founded as 1st Stop Group in 2009, Oplo is a direct lender that offers unsecured and secured loans to homeowners in the UK.

With an unsecured loan from Oplo, you can borrow between £2,000 and £15,000. Loan terms vary from 24 months to 72 months.

Oplo personal loans

Oplo offers personal loans to homeowners in the UK. Although the loan is not secured against your home, you must own a property to be eligible to apply.

Currently, you may be able to borrow between £2,000 and £15,000 with an Oplo unsecured loan. Loan terms can vary between 24 months and 72 months.

If you apply and are accepted, you will need to pay an acceptance fee of £395. This will be added to what you borrow and included in your monthly repayments. As this is not charged upfront, you will be paying interest on this fee.

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Oplo loan rates

Interest rates on Oplo loans are fixed for the loan term, so they won’t go up or down while you make monthly repayments. This means the amount you repay will be the same each month, unless you opt to make a lump-sum overpayment.

The representative annual percentage rate (APR) is the interest rate that at least 51% of customers get when offered an Oplo loan. You can use representative APR to compare the cost of borrowing between lenders.

However, it’s important to remember that the rate you are offered when you apply could differ from the advertised APR. Your personalised APR depends on your individual circumstances, including your credit history, credit score and financial situation.

Before you formally apply for a loan, Oplo conducts a soft credit check to check your eligibility and the likelihood of your application being approved, and then gives you a quote including an APR. This won’t affect your credit score.

If you decide to go ahead with the loan, you’ll need to fill out an online application form. Oplo will then conduct a hard credit check that will leave a mark on your credit history. If accepted for the loan, and you’re happy with the APR and loan term offered, you can then sign your loan agreement online.

Can I get a secured loan from Oplo?

Yes, Oplo also offers secured loans – called Home Loans – of between £5,000 and £250,000.

A secured loan is where the amount you borrow is secured against an asset you own, such as your home. If you do not make repayments on time, the lender can take that asset and sell it to recover its money.

You may be able to borrow more money over a longer time period with a secured loan. However, this type of loan comes with its own risks and may not be suitable for everyone. For example, your home could be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments. Which is why it’s important to think carefully before securing debts against your property.

Pros and cons of Oplo unsecured loans

Depending on your circumstances, there are both advantages and disadvantages to Oplo personal loans.


  • You can currently borrow between £2,000 and £15,000.
  • There are no restrictions on what you can use your loan for.
  • Quick, online application process


  • There is an acceptance fee of £395 (added to the amount you borrow, not paid up front).
  • You must be a homeowner to apply.

How do Oplo loans work?

With an Oplo loan, you make a monthly repayment by direct debit. The date of this repayment each month will be agreed between you and the lender.

Can I make overpayments on an Oplo loan?

You can make lump sum payments towards your outstanding loan balance on top of your monthly repayments.

It’s also possible to pay off your loan early – sometimes known as an early settlement. You need to let Oplo know the date on which you want to settle your loan. You can contact the lender by phone, email or letter.

Can I borrow more on an Oplo loan?

It may be possible for you to borrow more on an Oplo loan. However, this is at the lender’s discretion and will depend on your personal circumstances when you make your request.

Will applying for a loan have an impact on my credit score?

Oplo will conduct a soft search on your credit file to provide you with a quote, which will not leave a mark on your credit record.

However, if you choose to accept a quote from Oplo and apply online for a loan, the lender will then conduct a hard credit check. This will leave a mark on your record that other lenders and credit providers can see.

Many hard credit checks in quick succession could affect how you’re seen by potential lenders, as they may think that you are desperate for credit.

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What can I use an Oplo personal loan for?

You can use an Oplo personal loan for a number of purposes, from holidays to weddings to DIY projects at home.


You can use an unsecured loan to help pay for purchases such as flights or hotels for your holiday.


Weddings can be expensive. You can use a personal loan to pay for wedding services, such as venue hire, catering or for buying bridalwear. This is sometimes also called a wedding loan.

Home improvements

If you have a home project on the go or planned, you may need some funding. You can use an unsecured loan to finance your home improvements, including living room refurbishments, new kitchens or bathrooms.

Debt consolidation

If you have debts from multiple sources, including loans or credit cards, it is possible to use a debt consolidation loan to put them all in the same place. You would have one monthly repayment that would go towards all of these debts.

It’s worth noting that by taking out a debt consolidation loan, you may increase how much you have to pay back overall.

For any of these purposes, you may find that an unsecured loan isn’t right for you. It’s worth comparing different types of credit, such as a credit card or an overdraft, to find one that best suits your circumstances.

Restricted uses

According to Oplo’s website, there are no restrictions on how you can use the money you borrow. The one exception is Oplo’s car finance loans (not currently available to new customers), which must be used to purchase a specific vehicle.

Am I eligible for an Oplo unsecured loan?

To be eligible for an Oplo unsecured loan, you must be:

  • at least 21 years old
  • a homeowner
  • a permanent UK resident
  • in permanent, paid employment

You also cannot be bankrupt, on a debt management plan or subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

It’s important to note that, although you must be a homeowner to qualify for an Oplo personal loan, the loan will not be secured against your house. This is because it’s an unsecured loan, so no asset will be taken as collateral.

How to apply for a loan from Oplo

You can apply for a loan from Oplo on its website. You will be asked to fill out an online application form.

You’ll need to provide your address history and your employment history. Oplo will also request personal details, such as your date of birth and your current residential status (as applicants must be homeowners to be eligible for a loan).

Oplo will also conduct a soft credit check on you to assess your eligibility and provide a quote.

If you are approved for a loan and you are happy to go ahead, you can then sign your loan agreement online.

How long does it take to get an Oplo loan?

Once you’ve applied online for an Oplo loan, you could receive a decision within minutes.

Oplo customer reviews

On Trustpilot, Oplo has a ‘poor’ rating, scoring 2.5 out of 5 based on a total of 164 reviews.

This information is correct as of 29 September 2022.

Oplo Loans FAQs

Can you repay an Oplo loan early?

Yes, you can repay an Oplo loan early, either in part or in full. To arrange an early settlement, you should contact Oplo directly by email, phone or letter.

How can I contact Oplo?

You can contact Oplo directly by email or over the phone. Alternatively, you can write to Oplo. More contact details can be found on the Oplo website.

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