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2 Awesome Travel Rewards Cards

Dec. 8, 2010
Credit Cards
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This is a guest post from Stephanie Mojica, writer for, a personal finance website that provides helpful tools and information to consumers about their home, money and credit. She’s also a business success and prosperity coach and author of “How One Writer Shifted from Settling for $12 an Hour to Prospering at Over $90 an Hour.”

We all want to experience the benefits of a “free” vacation, and those of us blessed with a great credit score usually have plenty of choices when it comes to getting travel rewards credit cards. But don’t fret; this list of awesome travel rewards credit cards might still help you even if you’ve had credit problems in the past. Like with any other financial transaction, read the fine print before jumping onboard. High interest rates and excessive card membership fees can zap any potential travel savings.

The  is a great choice for people with good credit histories who want to build lots of frequent flyer miles. Customers redeem their miles for American Airlines flights. Citibank offers outstanding customer service, low introductory and ongoing interest rates and plenty of bonus mileage opportunities. Usually, new members qualify for bonus miles upon card membership.

The is a premium travel rewards product. There’s no limit on the number of points you earn with your purchases, and unlike many travel rewards programs your benefits never expire.  card members also can take advantage of travel concierge services, special insurance programs, travel discounts and around-the-clock live customer service assistance.

How to Build Even More Travel Rewards

Once you’ve settled on a card, you can easily build more travel rewards without breaking the bank.

Use your new travel rewards credit card to pay all the bills that you’d ordinarily pay using a debit card. You could build tons of travel benefits just by paying the cable, electricity, and Internet bills on your credit card. But mail in a check right away so you don’t accrue unwanted interest payments on your travel rewards card.

If you are willing to move higher interest credit card debt to your new travel rewards card, then call a customer service representative and find out if they will give rewards benefits for balance transfers. You might be able to save money AND experience free travel benefits.