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Carnival of Personal Finance: Super Bowl Monday

Feb. 4, 2013
Personal Finance
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Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance! We will speak no more of the game.

Editor’s pick: Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing just got shanghaied by the FTC. Lazy Man and Money tells us why we should care.

Business and finance

For all the hype about Research in Motion, Pete from Intelligent Speculator asks, quite reasonably, “Have you even seen the new Blackberry?”

Adaptu is shutting down its service. Investor Junkie totally called it.


The Dividend Guy details the transition between mutual funds and an online broker.

The Financial Blogger asks, “Are you putting any money into your future income?”

The Chicago Financial Planner presents a framework for comparing ETFs.

Darwin’s Money studies the effects of dollar-cost averaging over the past decade.

Tie the Money Knot compares index and actively managed funds.

The Novel Investor introduces the concept of weighting stock indices.

Dividend Growth Investor ranks stocks based on yield and dividend growth.

Debt and debt management

Gajizmo weighs the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage early.

Wallet Hub outlines options for adjusting student loans and avoiding default.

Money matters

Good Financial Cents tells us how to think like a millionaire, from real estate to the newest in foppish hats and monocles.

Nerd’s Eye View compares the usage of the marginal tax rate and effective tax rate.

Accumulating Money tells us how to use pocket money to impart lessons on savings.

Squirrelers warns that being able to work well into old age isn’t a given.

Card Hub questions the conventional wisdom supporting financial literacy programs.

Unemployment benefit theft overcome price objections.

Hull Financial Planning reminds us to factor small business debt into our overall debt profile. WiseStockBuyer reminds us that we’ll probably need more money to retire than we think.

 Money, Life and More explores our feelings come payday.