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Explore Mortgage Quotes with Homewise

NerdWallet has partnered with Homewise to make it easy to compare the best mortgage rates and offers in Canada.

Tap the “Let’s get started” button and answer a few simple questions to explore mortgage rate quotes.

What is Homewise?

Homewise is a fully licensed, online mortgage brokerage based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2018, Homewise helps Canadian mortgage shoppers browse and compare the best mortgage rates from a broad range of banks and lenders.

How Homewise works

Homewise partners with over 30 Canadian banks and mortgage lenders, negotiating with them on behalf of consumers to offer the most competitive rates possible. This means that when you use the Homewise application to start your mortgage search, you can avoid the stress and confusion buyers often feel when trying to compare mortgages from individual lenders on their own.

Once you answer a few questions, Homewise quickly matches you with lenders that offer the type of mortgage you’re looking for. Among other things, the application asks:

Where Homewise mortgage rates come from

The rates and loan options you’ll see during the application process are provided to Homewise by its lender partners across Canada. Note that at this time, Homewise does not provide mortgage rate options in Quebec.

The mortgage rates and offers you’ll see are refreshed daily, representing the latest mortgage options available from Homewise lenders.

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