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Trying to understand your business finance options? Whether you are starting-up, self-employed or looking to grow your business - find the answers to your questions within our comprehensive FAQs and guides.

Business finance products

When looking to compare business loans or bank accounts, it?s worth remembering that each provider and their respective packages will offer something different from the next. Ensure you assess the benefits of these different offerings in relation to the individual needs of your business.

There are three main types of business finance that you?ll need to know about, and potentially take advantage of, when running a small business. You?ll find detailed articles and updates on these across our site.

Business bank accounts

If you run a limited company, you are legally obliged to put all your business finances, both incoming and outgoing, through a business bank account.

Business loans

Business loans can help take a company through a rapid growth stage or just help manage cash flow priorities. Like personal loans, business owners with higher credit scores are likely to be offered better deals and rates.

Business insurance

Many businesses need business insurance, in a lot of cases it?s a legal requirement. Comparing deals will help you to find the lowest premiums and the right level of cover.