Is Airbnb Travel Insurance Worth It?

Airbnb's travel insurance doesn't cover issues with your rental property, just issues with your trip itself.
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Travel insurance can protect you in the event of unforeseen delays or cancellations, but whether you should pay extra for it — or rely on what might already be included in the booking — is a perennial question.

We have some answers for you if you’re wondering, “Is Airbnb insurance worth it?”

Here’s the lowdown on what Airbnb insurance covers and what you’ll be on the hook for if you choose not pay extra for it.

What does travel insurance for an Airbnb rental cover?

This type of travel insurance protects the cost of your Airbnb rental if you encounter unexpected disruptions to your travel before or during your trip.

These policies are underwritten by Generali Global Assistance in the U.S. and Aon and Europ Assistance Group abroad. The insurance coverage is available in nine countries where Airbnb offers rentals and will cover up to 100% of your payment if you cancel for a covered reason.

Examples of covered reasons include a delayed flight that prevents you from arriving at your rental on time or having to cancel the trip because you got sick. Other obstacles might include your bags getting lost en route or a hurricane thwarting your plans. Travel insurance for an Airbnb rental would protect you in these situations.

These are some of the covered protections that come with Airbnb travel insurance:

  • Trip cancellation for a covered reason.

  • Flight cancellation due to weather.

  • Illness or injury.

  • Trip delay of more than 12 hours.

  • Loss of baggage. 

  • Natural disasters.

  • Theft during the stay.

  • Stolen travel documents.

In the above instances, Airbnb travel insurance would reimburse you the non-refundable cost of the rental. Without insurance, if you had to cancel, you would be subject to the host’s cancellation rules — which could include forfeiting the entire cost of the rental.

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Is Airbnb travel insurance worth it?

Since you can’t see into the future, this type of travel insurance can help protect expensive Airbnb rentals if you can’t make your trip as originally planned.

Remember that Airbnb travel insurance only covers the cost of the rental, not any other related expenses like airline tickets, car rentals or transportation to the property.

To determine if Airbnb travel insurance is worth it, it’s important to know what other types of insurance you already have. Do you have any travel protection through your credit card? If so, that may be more than enough to cover your Airbnb rental, and purchasing an Airbnb travel insurance policy wouldn’t be necessary.

If you want to rely on another form of travel insurance, a comprehensive plan may offer more protection — like covering additional costs associated with travel disruptions — but it can also be more expensive than what Airbnb offers. A good place to check for the best travel insurance for Airbnb is NerdWallet’s list of best travel insurance companies, where you can compare different options.

Don’t I already have this with Airbnb AirCover?

No. AirCover protects renters from issues that are within the host’s control, whereas travel insurance protects the renter from things outside of the host’s control, like flight disruptions or personal illness.

AirCover protects the renter if the rental doesn’t meet the advertised standards or if the host cancels at the last minute. It also covers operational issues like a broken heater or if the number of bedrooms didn’t match the listing.

Essentially, AirCover assures travelers that their rental is what was advertised. If any issues arise, Airbnb will help you find a comparable alternate rental within the same price point. Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to be rebooked, Airbnb may issue a full or partial refund.

How do you get Airbnb travel insurance and how much does it cost?

If you want to add Airbnb travel insurance to your reservation, it’s easy to do during the reservation process through the Airbnb booking platform. The cost will vary and is based on a percentage of the overall trip cost.

Remember, if you use a credit card with ample travel insurance, you might already be protected.

Can you cancel Airbnb travel insurance?

If you need to cancel travel insurance purchased through Airbnb, it’s possible to do so within 10 days of purchase. For residents of Indiana, you can cancel within 30 days of purchase. However, once the trip begins, you can’t cancel it.

Should I get Airbnb travel insurance?

Is Airbnb insurance worth it for guests? Yes and no. It depends on how you purchase your travel.

If you use a credit card with ample protections already, then you may be fine. Otherwise, a travel insurance policy can help you recoup the cost of your rental in the event of a travel disruption.

Ultimately, it will come down to your own personal risk tolerance, but it’s nice to have the option when booking with Airbnb.

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