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5 Things You’re Not Using, but Still Paying For

Dec. 20, 2017
Personal Finance
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While looking at your bank statements, you notice that you’ve been charged $4.99 every month for an ad-free version of Pandora … but you haven’t used Pandora for a year.

Many of us pay fees for products and services that we don’t use anymore — and those costs can add up quickly. Here are five payments you might have neglected.

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1. Music streaming

You signed up for a trial period of Spotify Premium, Pandora Plus or Tidal. After a few weeks, you forget about it — until you look at your bank statement. To avoid unnecessary fees, check all of your music streaming accounts to make sure that you’re only paying for the services you actively use, then cancel the rest.

2. Networking

If you were recently on the market for a new gig, you might have upgraded to LinkedIn Premium to contact recruiters. But if you found a job and didn’t change your account, you could still be paying $29.99 a month — that’s nearly $360 a year — for a feature you don’t need anymore.

3. Audiobooks

Services such as Audible let you listen to books at home or on the go for $14.95 a month. Many people like to take advantage of the first free month and forget to cancel later. If you’re not consistently listening to audiobooks, this service may not make sense for you.

4. Websites

Do you have a cooking blog you haven’t updated since 2005? You may still be paying GoDaddy or another web provider for the domain. Although there’s occasionally value in keeping your domain, you could also save money by letting go of any sites you no longer update or use.

5. Gym membership

Are you still paying for an unused 24-Hour Fitness membership? Many gyms and health clubs automatically bill your credit card every month, and trying to cancel your membership may be enough of a headache to deter you from doing so. But the average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58, which is a huge expense if you don’t even step foot in the facilities anymore.

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