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Commercial Gas FAQ

What is a commercial gas deal?

Gas is one of the main sources of energy for businesses, and there are many providers, offering a variety of commercial gas rates.

Why might I switch commercial gas provider?

You may wish to switch commercial gas suppliers to keep energy costs low for your business. There are a variety of deals on offer if you check the market. Alternatively, you may wish to switch gas providers for a better service in general, possibly because your current provider doesn’t adequately meet your needs.

How do I find a commercial gas deal that suits me?

Before agreeing to any deal, make sure you carry out thorough research into the wide array of providers, in order to find the commercial gas rate that suit you. Make sure that you only switch gas suppliers when you are absolutely sure you’ve found a better offer.

What information should I provide for a new commercial gas deal?

When applying for a new deal with a commercial gas supplier, you will be required to tell them who your current supplier is, to ensure that no disruption occurs when you switch.

They may also need some details about your business, such as an office postcode, as well as your level of gas consumption, along with your meter number.

Can I change my mind after starting a new contract?

Commercial gas contracts don’t usually offer cooling-off periods for businesses. This means you must be absolutely sure a new tariff is right for you and your business, before signing any agreements.

Businesses are expected to be fully willing and aware of terms and conditions upon entering such contracts.

What can determine my commercial gas costs?

Consumption and market forces may be the primary factors, but costs always depend on the kind of commercial gas deal you go for. Before signing any deals, consider what you are able to afford. Here are a variety of commercial gas deals available:

  • Fixed-term deal: Fixed-term plans will set a fixed price of gas per kWh used over a set period, and you will be locked in to the arrangement for the duration of the contract. Costs will be determined by consumption. They are typically harder to switch away from, and you may have to wait until they expire to do so.
  • Variable rate deal: Variable rate plans will mean unit gas prices are determined by market forces. This can lead to cost fluctuations, so you must be prepared for potentially higher costs. Variable-rate plans often allow customers to switch sooner.
  • Deemed-rate deal: This may occur if you don’t make moves to switch your commercial gas provider or seek a new deal. This will incur higher costs, and kicks in automatically, as soon as your current contract expires.