Credit Cards Hub

Want to know more about balance transfers or looking for information on choosing the right credit card? Our credit card hub has you covered with articles, guides and FAQs.

Essential credit card knowledge

  • Credit cards are a flexible way to borrow and pay back money as you choose, on an on-going arrangement.
  • Interest rates differ depending on whether you pay for items using your card, take out cash, or transfer in balances from other debts.
  • Credit cards are provided by banks and other financial institutions who work with companies like Visa and MasterCard to process payments.
  • If you pay off your balance during each billing period, you won?t pay any interest.
  • Exceeding your credit limit or missing repayment deadlines will result in penalty charges and can adversely affect your credit profile.
  • Some credit cards offer interest-free periods on purchases, balance transfers or both.
  • Cash-back credit cards return a percentage of each purchase back to the account holder.
  • Reward credit cards can provide a host of additional benefits such as exclusive access to gigs and discounts on leisure and retail outlets.