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Borrower Beware: US Direct Student Loan Services

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This company is on the NerdWallet Student Loan Watch List. The list flags student-loan businesses and individuals hit by enforcement actions, court judgments or liens, or bad ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Learn more in Who Gets Listed.

US Direct Student Loan Services agreed to repay nearly $14,000 to 30 Washington borrowers, according to a 2017 news release issued by that state’s attorney general.

The attorney general alleged that the company overcharged customers and collected unlawful fees, a 2016 news release said.

The company, also known as DFL International, agreed in 2017 to cease doing business in Massachusetts after the state attorney general alleged it had charged borrowers illegal upfront fees.

The company used the US Direct Student Loan Services name to give consumers the false impression it was associated with the U.S. Education Department, the Massachusetts attorney general alleged.

Enforcement actions: The Massachusetts settlement, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, directed the company to repay $6,500 to 18 student loan borrowers. The company agreed to stop providing student loan services to state residents, and not to sell any customer information it may have collected in the state, the attorney general’s office said.

What the company claims to provide: Student loan consolidation, repayment and forgiveness plans


Based: Orlando, Florida

Sources: Massachusetts attorney general, Washington attorney general