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College Packing Checklist: Pack Up Jack and Don’t Look Back

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It’s here, it’s here! The time you’ve been waiting for throughout your 18 years of life – freedom. As you head off to college, there are a ton of incredible moments that you’ll experience. But you want to make sure that you’re ready for each and every adventure. So, what do you pack when you head off to college? Unfortunately you can’t bring your whole room (unless you REALLY wanted to and have a HUGE dorm room). Here’s a breakdown of what you should bring with you and what you should buy when you get there.

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What Why If you’re driving… If you’re flying…
Bring From Home Buy There Bring From Home Buy There
Bedding (twin extra long) + Pillows Because you are going to want a comfy place to sleep (if you have any time for it). X X
Towels (bath and hand) Nothing’s more relaxing than a nice hot shower after a long day of lectures. X X
Earplugs Noisy neighbors with squeaky beds… X X
Shower shoes Community bathrooms might not be the cleanest place. Don’t fall victim to fungal infections from dirty showers! X X
Shower caddy Don’t drop the soap! X X
Umbrella When it rains, it pours. X X
Basic medications (aspirins, cold and flu, allergy) Don’t miss out on Undie Run (if you attend UCLA) because of a silly cold! X X
Vitamin C / Emergen-C / Airborne If someone in your dorm is sick, there is likely to be a mini epidemic. X X
Laundry supplies – basket, detergent, quarters (unless you have a fancy school that allows you to use your student card to pay for things) You can look like a hippie but please don’t smell like one. X X
Pictures of friends and family (and maybe your baby blankey or teddy bear) Prevent homesickness before it happens! X X
Small toolkit Always be prepared. X X
Portable sewing kit Might come in handy for costume parties. X X
Clothes hangers Surprisingly, these are hard to find on moving day in college towns. X X
Robe If you don’t like parading down the dorm halls in your birthday suit, bring a robe. It will make your trips to and from the shower much less stressful (and less revealing). X X
Power strip with surge protection Rooms are only equipped with a few outlets. Power strips allow you and your roomies to charge your laptops, phones, iPods, and other devices at the same time. X X
Extension cords If you want to charge your phone while you’re sleeping, the closest outlet may be next to your desk – 5 feet away… X X
Cup, bowl, mug, spoon, fork Snacking is an essential part of college (hence the freshman 15). So don’t sell yourself short by forgetting basic necessities! X X
Printer paper It really sucks when you have to lug a ream of paper across campus in the heat. X X
Mini first aid kit Warning: intramural sports can become vicious. X X
Weekender bag For that last minute trip to go snow boarding or hiking with new friends! X X