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  • Run by Spectrum Card Services Limited, Acorn provide business banking accounts that have been created specifically for small firms.
  • You can compare accurate information on product features of the Acorn Account for business in the table below.
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Last updated on 09 December 2020.

Acorn Business Account FAQ

Who is Acorn Account?

Established in 2007, Acorn Account is a UK-based provider of banking services offering a range of digital banking services, including current accounts and business accounts.

What services and products does Acorn Account offer?

Acorn Account offers services to both businesses and individual consumers with features that include online account management, telephone banking and a smartphone app.

What are business accounts from Acorn Account?

A business account from Acorn Account is an account that gives businesses access to funding and a range of digital services such as cash flow management. Businesses can also be offered an account manager.

Who can apply for Acorn Account business accounts?

Acorn Account offers services to a range of sole traders, limited companies, LLPs and partnerships registered in the UK. Minimum turnover criteria may apply to your businesses when you make an application.

Who uses Acorn Account services?

Acorn Account offers services to businesses in many industries such as construction, manufacturing, education, real estate, retail, transportation, arts, hospitality and consulting. Accounts are offered to organisations of many different sizes and structures.

What can I use an Acorn Account business account for?

Businesses can use an Acorn Account business account for almost any business-related purpose. This can include depositing cash, paying wages, paying bills and managing accounts.

How do I apply for an Acorn Account business account?

To apply for an Acorn Account business account, use the comparison bars above to navigate to the company’s website. You can then click on the ‘Apply’ button and register whether you are a sole trader, limited company or partnership. You will then be directed to an information request sheet where you will need to submit details of your business. Acorn Account will then be in touch with feedback on your application.

How does a business account work?

Acorn Account business accounts give businesses access to online banking facilities as well as multiple cards linked to the same account. Functioning like a prepaid card account, funds can be transferred to your cards to allow you to access cash and pay for products and services with your card. You could also have the option to manage your accounts online as well as contact a designated account manager in relation to your business account.

How can money be loaded onto an Acorn Account business account?

Money can be loaded onto an Acorn Account business account through an online bank transfer or by depositing cash at a Post Office based in the UK. Acorn Account has an arrangement that allows account holders to withdraw and deposit funds at any UK Post Office.

How can I withdraw cash from my Acorn Account business account?

You can withdraw cash from most cash machines (ATMs) that display the MasterCard acceptance mark using your card and PIN. A daily cash withdrawal limit may apply to your account when using cash machines.

Does Acorn charge fees?

Fees and charges are common practice in business bank accounts. Make sure you check which ones apply to the account you are interested in, before you proceed.

Services offered by this provider may change over time. Always check Ts&Cs.

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