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Last updated on 09 November 2020.

Santander Business Current Accounts FAQ

Who is Santander?

Santander first made an entry into the UK market in 2005 and now offers a range of retail and commercial banking services to the UK. These include digital banking services and current accounts for established businesses and start-ups.

What services and products does Santander offer?

Santander offers services to both businesses and individual consumers such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, savings schemes, ISAs and investment options.

What are 1|2|3 Business Current Accounts from Santander?

A 1|2|3 Business Current Account from Santander offers established businesses access to a range of banking services. Terms and conditions may vary depending on your arrangement with Santander.

What are business current accounts (start-up and switcher offers) from Santander?

A business current account (start-up and switcher offer) from Santander offers new small-to-medium businesses access to a range of banking services specially aimed at fledgling businesses. This product is designed especially for young enterprises. Terms and condition may apply depending on your individual circumstance.

Who can apply for Santander business accounts?

Santander offers its current account services to a range of sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and trusts registered in the UK. Minimum turnover and eligibility criteria may also apply to your business.

What can I use a Santander business account for?

Businesses can use business banking services from Santander for almost any business-related purpose that they find themselves in need of a little extra cash for. This could include the transfer of funds to suppliers, the purchase of stock and materials and paying salaries.

How can I manage my Santander business banking account?

You can manage funds in your Santander business banking account using a range of methods. These include traditional branch banking at one of the bank’s UK premises, online banking, telephone banking, text and email banking, mobile banking and banking through various locations.

How can I withdraw cash from my Santander business banking account?

You can withdraw cash from most cash machines (ATMs) in the UK using your card and PIN. A daily cash withdrawal limit may apply to your account depending on your arrangement with Santander.

How do I apply for a Santander business account?

To apply for a Santander business account, use the comparison to navigate to the company’s website. You can then click on the ‘Apply’ button. An information sheet will outline the details that the bank needs to assess your application. Santander will then be in touch with feedback on your application.

What details will I need to provide Santander with during my application?

Santander will request a range of details from you during your application process for a Santander business banking account. These may include information related to your business, such as your turnover and the nature of your operations as well as personal details such as your residential status.

How does a Santander business account work?

Santander business accounts allow businesses to use a range of business banking services such as overdrafts, standing orders, direct debits and online banking. Funds can be transferred to your account to allow you to access them for various business-related purposes, such paying for products and services. Business accounts are generally subject to various charging structures so look into these before you apply.

Does Santander charge fees?

Fees and charges are common practice in business bank accounts. Make sure you check which ones apply to the account you are interested in, before you proceed.

Services offered by this provider may change over time. Always check Ts&Cs.

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