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Bryt Energy FAQs

Who is Bryt Energy?

Bryt Energy is an electricity supplier to British businesses. All the electricity is zero carbon and is 100% renewable.

Bryt Energy is part of the Statkraft Group, a global energy company that generates renewable energy through wind, solar, hydro and more. The roots of Statkraft can be traced back to Norway in 1895, but over the years, it has expanded into different countries and it entered the UK market in 2006.

Statkraft launched Birmingham-based Bryt Energy in 2016.

What does Bryt Energy offer?

Bryt Energy provides zero carbon, renewable electricity to businesses. The energy is sourced from renewable sources including on and off-shore wind farms, solar power and hydro power.

As well as supplying electricity, Bryt Energy can work with businesses to help them generate their own renewable electricity and offer battery energy storage. They can also provide tools which could help businesses manage their electricity more effectively.

What Bryt Energy products are available to businesses?

Bryt Energy offers businesses a range of services so they can choose a contract that best meets their requirements. For example, they offer a fully fixed product with all charges included so businesses know what they will pay for their electricity for the length of the agreement; a tariff with fixed energy costs but flexibility on other charges;, and a fully flexible product so businesses can choose how and when they buy their electricity.

Businesses with more flexibility over when they use their electricity could also choose a tariff that allows them to save money by using energy outside peak times.

What businesses can Bryt Energy supply?

Bryt Energy can supply business energy to many different businesses, including small companies that just need to power one site, or larger companies with multiple premises. Businesses with larger and more complex needs may not be able to get a quote online, but may still be eligible for electricity from Bryt Energy.

Does Bryt Energy provide smart meters?

Yes, Bryt Energy can install smart meters. These automatically record energy usage which can help to create more accurate bills and allow businesses to see their energy consumption.

How can I switch to Bryt Energy?

If you choose Bryt Energy as your business energy supplier, they should contact your existing supplier to arrange the switch. You will need to make sure you have paid any outstanding balance in full on your existing account before you can switch to a new energy provider. Bryt Energy will ask for meter readings when they open your new account.

Many contracts only allow you to switch at certain times, so before switching your supplier to Bryt Energy, check when you can leave without penalties. That way you can benefit from any savings on the new contract without being charged fees for leaving your previous contract early.

Most business energy deals don’t offer a cooling-off period, even if you’ve only agreed the contract over the phone. So make sure you’re clear on the terms and conditions before going ahead with the switch.

Services offered by this provider may change over time. Always check Ts&Cs.

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*£1,067 is the average saving Love Energy Savings customers have saved since inception. This data was collected 01.07.2021, The average SME electricity bill is £2,400 p.a. (consumption below 50,000kWh).

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