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EDF Energy is one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies and Britain’s largest producer of zero-carbon energy. Founded in 2002, it’s part of the international EDF Group.

To compare EDF business energy deals, simply enter the postcode of your business premises in the box above to get started with our multi-award-winning partner, Love Energy Savings.

For more information about EDF business energy, read our detailed guide below. We look at which tariffs EDF offers, how you can switch to it as your supplier, and what you need to do if you’re moving business premises.

What is EDF Energy for businesses?

EDF provides renewable and low-carbon tariffs to businesses of all sizes, using the UK’s largest network of nuclear power stations.

In EDF’s eyes, you’re considered an SME if you spend less than £30,000 per year on energy. Large and public sector companies, on the other hand, are defined as spending more than £30,000 per year on energy. These larger businesses can normally negotiate bespoke contracts directly with EDF.

EDF currently provides several features that may appeal to your business, such as 24/7 live chat support, 24/7 access to its online management tools, and dedicated UK business advisors.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about EDF Business Energy at a glance in our table below.

EDF business energy details
Electricity contract length 1 to 4 years
Gas contract length 1 to 4 years
Fuel mix disclosure Coal: 1.3%, Gas: 7.5%, Nuclear: 62.1%, Renewable: 29.0%, Other: 0.1%
UK customer service number 0333 200 5103
UK complaints number 0333 200 5103
UK online support 24/7
General email address [email protected]
Complaints email address [email protected]
Trustpilot rating 4.1/5
Smart meter installation Yes
App Yes
Payment options Direct debit, bank transfer, debit/credit card, American Express, cheque, PayPoint, Payzone, and via the Post Office.

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What tariffs are available with EDF Energy business?

In this section, we’ll discuss the EDF Business Energy rates and tariffs. EDF currently offers three tariffs specifically for SMEs, and one flexible tariff to large businesses:

  • Fixed for Business Tariffs: for businesses that want a fixed-rate tariff that could save them money, and includes call centre access.
  • Fixed for Business Online Tariff: Currently EDF’s cheapest option, for businesses that want an online fixed-rate tariff, though with limited customer service options.
  • Freedom for Business Tariff: for businesses that want a variable-rate tariff without exit fees.

Additionally, larger businesses – those spending more than £30,000 a year on energy – can negotiate bespoke deals with EDF directly.

Fixed for Business tariffs (SMEs)

At the moment EDF’s Fixed for Business tariffs allow you to lock-in the same price of energy for between 1 and 4 years.

The Fixed for Online Business tariff could be an option for SMEs looking to potentially save more money on energy. It’s the cheapest business tariff available currently. In terms of customer support, the Online tariff it’s a ‘lite’ version of the Fixed for Business tariff, in that you only have access to EDF’s online tools – not the call centre.

Freedom for Business tariffs (SMEs)

Unlike the fixed tariffs, the prices on EDF’s variable tariffs can fluctuate according to wholesale energy prices. You will be given 30 days’ notice if this happens.

One of the main features is that you can leave or switch to a fixed tariff at any time without paying exit fees.

Flexible contract for large businesses

Large businesses can negotiate bespoke contracts directly with EDF because large corporations typically need more energy than standard tariffs can supply. If you run a large business, you can also buy energy for fixed pricing or on flexible contracts.

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How can I switch to EDF Energy business?

Switching to EDF is simple. You could also use our business energy comparison tool to find the best deals.

Once you’ve agreed on your EDF Energy business rates, EDF will then handle the entire switch for you, including cancelling your current contract and creating your new tariff. Overall, it’s a straightforward process.

Moving business premises with EDF Energy

For many businesses, moving locations can be challenging. EDF Energy makes it easy from an energy perspective. We’ve explained how it all works below.

Moving out of your business premises

You’ll need to provide your final meter reading from the premises once you’ve moved out, or when your lease agreement ends. EDF will calculate your final payment from this reading, which you will need to pay.

You may need to provide a valid Land Registration, tenancy agreement, management agreement or solicitors letter.

Moving into premises supplied by EDF Energy

In most cases, you’ll need to contact EDF and provide your Land Registration document, tenancy agreement, management agreement, and – sometimes – a solicitors letter.

You’ll also need your forwarding address for the previous owner, tenant or landlord, if possible. It’s best to call EDF directly to find out what you’ll need to provide.

Moving into premises and want to switch to EDF Energy

When moving into a premises, you’ll need to contact EDF if you want to choose them as your supplier. From there, you will need to provide them with the information needed to create a quote.

From this point, if you choose EDF as your supplier, you will follow the steps to choose your tariff and create your account.

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How do I cancel my EDF Energy business contract?

If you don’t want to renew your tariff with EDF Energy, you’ll need to tell them 30 days before your price review notice date, which you can normally find on your contract confirmation letter.

If you miss that deadline date, EDF will start the 30 day notice period from the date they accept your notice. They will then place you on the Easy Fix tariff until your new notice period is over.

You’ll also need to provide a meter read. If you don’t provide one, EDF will estimate your final bill based on your previous energy consumption.

You can cancel your contract by email at [email protected], by phone on 0808 101 5188, or via the online form on the EDF website.

If you wish to cancel your EDF energy contract early, you may be required to pay an Early Termination Fee.

EDF Energy Business FAQs

How do you contact EDF?

For customer service enquiries, you can call EDF Energy for Business on 0333 200 5103. For email enquiries, SMEs should use [email protected], while large businesses should use [email protected]

You can also use the 24/7 live chat function.

Is there a price cap for business energy?

The energy price cap was created to protect consumers, and does not apply to businesses.

How do I set up EDF business energy online?

To set up a MyAccount with EDF Business Energy, you’ll need the account holder’s details in order to fill in the form and submit your request.

How can I pay for my EDF business energy?

You can pay by Direct Debit, bank transfer, debit/credit card, American Express, cheque, PayPoint, Payzone, and via the Post Office.

How can I renew my EDF business energy policy?

EDF will let you know that your fixed-term contract is almost up, allowing you to negotiate a new contract directly. Before committing, it’s important that you compare prices in order to get the most suitable tariff for your business. To do so, you can use our business energy comparison tool.

How do I get a business energy quote from EDF?

One way to compare EDF Energy with other suppliers is by using our business energy comparison tool, powered by Love Energy Savings. To get started, simply enter your postcode.

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