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ScottishPower offers businesses a range of fixed and variable gas and electricity tariffs, with contract lengths running currently between one and three years.

Claiming to be the UK’s leading wind developer, ScottishPower generates 100% green energy from its own wind farms, and offers businesses energy efficiency advice in partnership with the Carbon Trust.

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What is ScottishPower for businesses?

ScottishPower doesn’t just supply energy, it generates it from wind farms across the UK, allowing it to supply green electricity to business customers.

ScottishPower offers competitively priced gas and electricity plans and provides multiple payment options so you can find an energy supply setup that works for your business.

Find out everything you need to know about ScottishPower Business Energy at a glance in our table below.

ScottishPower business energy details
Electricity contract length One to three years
Gas contract length One to three years
Fuel mix disclosure Coal: 4% Gas: 46% Nuclear: 6% Renewable: 40% Other: 4% (2020 to 2021)
UK customer service number 0800 040 7002
UK online support Yes
General email address [email protected]
Complaints email address Use the contact form on the website
Trustpilot rating 1.1 stars (21 April 2022)
Smart meter installation Yes
App Available on the App Store and Google Play
Payment options Direct Debit, credit/debit card, bank transfer, at the bank, cheque, at a PayPoint outlet

If you want to find out more about ScottishPower business energy, read on for our full guide.

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What tariffs are available with ScottishPower business?

ScottishPower currently offers business customers four main tariffs, including two fixed-rate options as well as a variable rate and a fixed and variable combined rate.

For Business

The For Business tariff is currently available as a fixed-term contract for between one and three years It combines a fixed and a variable price element.

The fixed price is the energy it supplies to your business, which shields you from fluctuating wholesale costs. The variable price increases or decreases in line with changing third party costs and is automatically updated every quarter.

Standard Fixed

Standard Fixed is a one year fixed price tariff that a business will automatically be placed on if it doesn't renew or terminate its contract at the end of its term.

Businesses can move from the standard fixed plan to a new tariff at any time without paying exit fees.

Standard Variable

On the Standard Variable tariff, your business’s gas and electricity rates can go up or down at any time in line with fluctuating external and wholesale costs. Rates are typically higher than the fixed term tariffs.


The deemed rate is the default tariff your business will be placed on if it takes over a premises but doesn't sign a contract with ScottishPower. The price is variable and your business can move to a new tariff at any time without being charged exit fees.

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How can I switch to ScottishPower business?

Your business can apply to switch to ScottishPower up to 180 days in advance of a requested supply start date.

First, you need to complete an application, which ScottishPower will check against info received from your current supplier. Provided that’s all in order, ScottishPower will request a switch, which should happen around four weeks before your requested start date.

If the switch is accepted, you need to supply ScottishPower with your business premises’ opening meter readings. Your account should then be good to go.

Moving business premises with ScottishPower

If you’re moving business premises, you need to notify ScottishPower and let them know who will be responsible for the premises following your departure.

You’ll then need to supply a final meter reading and a forwarding address so that you can pay your final bill.

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How do I cancel my ScottishPower business contract?

ScottishPower does not require you to give written notice of termination. Once you’ve agreed a contract with a new supplier, you’ll need to supply it with an opening meter reading in order to cancel your ScottishPower contract.

Once ScottishPower has received the reading it will close your account and send a final bill, which you should get between three and four weeks after your transfer date. You may also be charged a termination fee if you are leaving your contract early.

How can I contact ScottishPower business?

For general queries, business customers can call ScottishPower on 0800 040 7002. You can also email: [email protected]

For complaints, you can call 0800 027 0072. If you’d prefer to email, you can explain your issue using the contact form on the ScottishPower website.

Alternatively, another way to get a response is to use the live chat function on the ScottishPower website. You can use live chat by clicking the speech bubble in the green at the bottom right of the page.

ScottishPower Business FAQs

Is there a price cap for business energy?

No, the energy price cap was brought in by Ofgem to protect domestic consumers from unfair price increases and does not apply to business energy.

Is business energy cheaper than domestic energy?

Business energy rates are generally cheaper than domestic energy rates – at the unit level – because business energy is bought in bulk, whereas domestic energy is bought and sold month-by-month.

How do I set up ScottishPower business energy online?

You can register for a ScottishPower business energy online account on their website if you are a customer. You’ll need your account number and postcode to get started.

How can I pay for my ScottishPower business energy?

If you’re paying by Direct Debit, ScottishPower gives you three options, monthly fixed, monthly variable (using monthly meter readings) and quarterly variable.

You can also pay by debit or credit card online, through a PayPoint or via BACS transfer.

How can I renew my ScottishPower business energy policy?

ScottishPower will send you a renewal letter around 60 days before your contract is due to end, which will give you the option of renewing your fixed term tariff.

If you don’t receive a renewal letter and are within the last six months of your contract, you can call 0800 001 5222.

How do I get a business energy quote from ScottishPower?

You can find a business energy quote from ScottishPower using the comparison tool at the top of this page, powered by our award-winning partner Love Energy Savings. Just enter your postcode to get started.

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