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SSE Energy Solutions was formed from the merger of the Southern Electricity Board and the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board in the 1990s and provides gas and electricity to more than 500,000 businesses across the UK.

SSE offers both fixed-price and flexible energy plans, and all fixed business plans come with 100% renewable electricity as standard. It claims to be the largest renewable energy generator in the UK and Ireland.

If SSE sounds like it may be the right supplier for your business gas and electricity needs, you can compare deals with our partner Love Energy Savings today. Just enter your postcode in the box above to get started.

What is SSE business energy?

SSE Energy Solutions offers a range of plans to suit businesses of all types and sizes. Its fixed-price energy plans come with 100% renewable electricity as standard – sourced from UK wind and hydro – as well as the option of renewable gas.

If you have up to nine sites, you can register with SSE to have its next-gen SMETS2 smart meters installed in your business at no additional cost. Having a smart meter will mean you don’t need to submit meter readings and that bills will be more accurate, with more opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

You can find out more about SSE business in our handy table below.

SSE business energy details
Electricity contract length Six months to five years*
Gas contract length Six months to five years*
Fuel mix disclosure Coal: 0% Natural Gas: 40% Nuclear: 0% Renewables: 55% Other: 5% (April 2020-March 2021)
UK customer service number 0345 725 2526
UK complaints number 0345 070 7373
UK online support Business customer help centre
General email address Use the online form
Complaints email address Make complaints through the on-site form
Trustpilot rating 1.3 (26 August 2022)
Smart meter installation Register for installation here
App Submit meter readings and manage energy usage.
Payment options Direct debit, online, bank transfer, over the phone, over the counter
  • This is for a fixed tariff for small and medium-sized businesses.

What tariffs are available with SSE business energy?

SSE currently offers two fixed tariff options for small and medium-sized businesses, and two flexible tariffs aimed at larger businesses.

SSE Protect

SSE Protect may be a good choice for smaller businesses that prefer consistent pricing that can help them stick to a budget.

It offers fully fixed energy prices, including unit prices and non-commodity costs, meaning any compulsory third-party charges for the transmission and distribution of energy are not passed on to you.

The fixed terms for SSE Protect are between six months and four years depending on your needs.

SSE Choice

The SSE Choice plan offers fixed wholesale energy prices with terms of up to five years.

Unit prices are fixed, though non-commodity prices may vary, meaning third-party cost increases will be passed on to you.

SSE Shaping and SSE Cash out

The Shaping and SSE Cash out tariffs are aimed at larger businesses.

They allow businesses to buy energy in increments, which helps to optimise consumption and reduce costs, and improves price transparency.

Moving business premises with SSE business energy

If you’re moving into a premises supplied by SSE, you need to provide them with some key information to ensure you’re charged correctly for your energy usage.

You will need to take a meter reading and complete the Moving in form. However, if the meters have been disconnected, ignore the form and call 0345 026 4565.

If SSE needs anything else, it will contact you.

Understanding your SSE business energy bill

As a customer, you can view all your energy bills using your SSE business energy account.

You’ll receive your gas and electricity bills either monthly or quarterly – depending on your preference – as two separate statements and invoices.

Both statements will include your:

  • unique customer account number
  • business name and billing address
  • invoice billing period
  • service account number and invoice number
  • physical supply address
  • breakdown of charges including VAT
  • total number of invoices for the billing period
  • total cost, including any debit/credit balance from previous bills.

Your gas invoice will also include your meter reference number, meter details, readings and usage details.

Your electricity invoice will include a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), also known as a Supply Number.

How do I cancel my SSE business energy contract?

If you want to end your contract, you need to let SSE know at least 30 days in advance.

SSE will always contact you with a new offer around 90 days before your contract expires. If you wish to renew, you just need to confirm in an email. If you don’t renew your contract but SSE continues to supply your energy, you’ll automatically start paying the variable business rate.

It is important to bear in mind that you will not be able to change suppliers until the end of your current contract, unless you are moving premises.

How can I contact SSE business energy?

As a new or existing customer, you can contact SSE using one of their phone numbers. New customers can call 0800 389 4466, while existing customers can use the customer service number: 0345 725 2526.

Both numbers are available from Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 5pm.

SSE also has an online form that you can use for a number of things, from making a complaint to querying a bill.

SSE Business Energy FAQs

Who owns SSE business energy?

SSE sold its domestic electricity supply to OVO Energy in 2020, but SSE’s business energy arm continues to operate independently as SSE Energy Solutions.

Is SSE a good energy supplier?

SSE Energy Solutions is rated 1.3/5 on Trustpilot based on 100 reviews.

This information is correct as of 26 August 2022.

How do I set up SSE business energy online?

Once you are a customer, you can set up your SSE business energy online account. Simply visit its register for an account page and fill out the online form.

You’ll need to provide some basic details about your business and your account, including your meter point number and customer account number or tender ID.

Then you just need to agree to the terms and conditions and click ‘sign up’.

How can I pay for my SSE business energy?

You can pay for your SSE business energy using the following methods:

  • Direct debit
  • Online
  • Bank transfer
  • Over the phone
  • Over the counter – at any Post Office, NatWest Bank, your own bank, or PayPoint terminal. You must take the bill and giro slip in order to make the payment

How can I renew my SSE business energy policy?

SSE will contact you 90 days before the end of your contract with a new contract offer. You can accept the new contract by sending an email.

How do I get a business energy quote from SSE?

If SSE sounds like it may be the right energy supplier for your business, you can compare quotes with our partner, Love Energy Savings.

Just enter the postcode of your business premises in the postcode at the top of this page to get started.

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