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How invoice financing works

The order
Create an invoice for your customer, showing how much is owed to your business and when payment is due.
Cash advance
Send a copy of the invoice to a lender to release up to 100% of its value as a cash sum.
When it is due, the lender receives the payment from the customer. The lender then sends your business any remaining amount on the invoice that wasn't originally financed, after deducting the prearranged fees.

This comparison service is provided by Touch Financial. Touch Financial is a finance broker, not a lender. Not all products offered by Touch Financial are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They compare invoice financing services from a range of different lenders, aiming to find the one that best suits the needs of their business customers. Touch Financial consultants look at the profile of each business, including cash flow, accountancy needs, and any other specific requirements, to match them with the most appropriate invoice finance provider and product. Touch Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:727220).

Last updated on 12 May 2022.

Advantedge Commercial Finance Invoice Finance FAQ

Who is Advantedge Commercial Finance?

Advantedge Commercial Finance is a specialist business finance provider that was established in 2001 and offers cash flow solutions to small and medium-sized UK operations. Advantedge offers a number of invoice finance solutions including invoice discounting and selective invoice finance. Read on for more information about the benefits of these products.

What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing is a financial product, offered to businesses as a means of unlocking cash flow. It can be quicker than through more conventional methods, such as business loans or other forms of borrowing. Rather than having to apply for a loan, invoice financing uses your own company’s invoices to its customers as a form of collateral.

Who provides invoice finance products?

Advantedge is one of many lenders who provide invoice finance products for businesses. Advantedge invoice financing has helped fund a significant number of businesses over the years, providing quick and straightforward access to funds.

Why would I need invoice financing?

Advantedge is one of many lenders who provide invoice finance products for businesses. Advantedge invoice financing has helped fund a significant number of businesses over the years, providing quick and straightforward access to funds.

Why would I need invoice financing?

You might wish to seek invoice financing from Advantedge or another provider if you’re a business looking to expand and invest, without the sufficient cash flow to do this immediately. Invoice financing can be less time-consuming than a business loan application and is often used by companies to address their cash flow challenges.

What are the benefits of invoice financing?

One of the big benefits of using Advantedge invoice financing is the access to a much-needed cash injection in a very immediate time-frame. Companies with a high number of sales can use their as-yet unpaid invoices as collateral to borrow the cash they need now, instead of waiting for the invoices to be paid.

How do I apply for invoice finances?

Businesses wishing to use invoice financing from Advantedge or other lenders will usually be required to provide the invoices in question for confirmation. The lender will offer a proportion of the value of those invoices at short notice, before the cash injection is finally made.

What can obstruct applying for invoice financing?

In some cases, invoice financing might prove harder to acquire if your business credit score is too low for a lender. In other cases, your business might have an insufficient turnover or be too young to meet the criteria for some lenders.

How can I compare different invoice finance products?

If you’re wishing to compare and contrast invoice finance solutions from Avantedge with some other competing lenders, try Touch Financial. By getting in touch via telephone or online, you’ll get through to a consultant who can clarify what your requirements are, and help provide a selection of suitable lenders to match those requirements.

Can small businesses struggle to acquire invoice financing?

Smaller companies might struggle to find sources of credit, simply due to having lower turnover than larger ones. Invoice financing can also come with high costs for small businesses, depending on the provider, so always carry out the adequate research when seeking any financial product to get the best deal for your circumstances.

Is it possible to become too reliant on invoice financing?

As with any financial product, invoice financing from Advantedge can be useful to help support your business if used properly. However, businesses should consider borrowing in conjunction with a long term cash flow management plan to avoid getting stuck in a borrowing cycle.

How do I know if invoice financing is right for me?

No two businesses are the same, so when seeking invoice financing from any lender, you need to be mindful of existing cash flow and turnover, as well as the various fees and other costs lenders may charge, if you seek invoice financing products from them.

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