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How invoice financing works

The order
Create an invoice for your customer, showing how much is owed to your business and when payment is due.
Cash advance
Send a copy of the invoice to a lender to release up to 100% of its value as a cash sum.
When it is due, the lender receives the payment from the customer. The lender then sends your business any remaining amount on the invoice that wasn't originally financed, after deducting the prearranged fees.

This comparison service is provided by Touch Financial. Touch Financial is a finance broker, not a lender. Not all products offered by Touch Financial are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They compare invoice financing services from a range of different lenders, aiming to find the one that best suits the needs of their business customers. Touch Financial consultants look at the profile of each business, including cash flow, accountancy needs, and any other specific requirements, to match them with the most appropriate invoice finance provider and product. Touch Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:727220).

Last updated on 12 May 2022.

Investec Invoice Financing FAQs

Who is Investec?

Investec is a specialist banking and investment firm that was established in South Africa in 1974. They provide a wide range of commercial lending products and services to UK businesses of all sizes and industry sectors.

What is Investec invoice financing?

Investec is just one of many providers offering invoice financing facilities. These products allow businesses the ability to leverage their own sales ledgers. In turn, lenders provide a percentage of the total value of these invoices as a cash injection.

Why do businesses ask for invoice financing?

Businesses often ask for the form of invoice financing Investec and other providers offer, as they lack sufficient cash flow to invest in growing their own businesses when they want to. Invoice financing lets them borrow against the value of their own invoices, both unpaid and outstanding.

Does invoice financing mean taking on debt?

No, invoice financing does not mean businesses have to take on more debt. It’s actually a sale, as you are effectively selling your invoices to a lender or factoring company, in exchange for a near-identical sum of money, minus lending fees required of you.

What do businesses use invoice financing money for?

Businesses often use Investec invoice financing facilities or those from other providers, in order to raise cash to spend on infrastructure, machinery, new hires or just to make ends meet, if they face an unexpected cash flow problem.

Is invoice financing a solution to late payments?

Yes, invoice financing is just one solution businesses can turn to, in order to solve cash flow problems related to late payment. Late payment affects many businesses across the UK through no fault of their own, but invoice financing provides a quick way to have liquidity when you really need it.

Why is invoice financing quick?

Invoice financing products give you cash injections much quicker, when compared to products such as conventional business loans. In order to take out a loan, you have to go through a sometimes lengthy application process. Leveraging invoices as a form of finance is less risky and quicker to achieve.

Do I risk being liable if a client fails to pay?

Invoice financing is a solution to late payment, but if you signed a recourse agreement with your provider, a lack of invoices to back up your borrowings will mean having to repay the value of these invoices back to the provider.

How do I protect against being liable with failed payments?

Non-recourse agreements with your lender will protect you from the risk of this occurring, as risk is absorbed by the lender themselves. One consequence of this is that the lender will most likely require a higher lending fee to compensate.

Where can I compare invoice financing products?

Our partner, Touch Financial, is a good place to start, as they can provide you with a specialist consultant to help match your business with Investec or another provider who would be best suited to your requirements, when it comes to lending costs and other terms they offer. Follow the steps above to get in touch with Touch Financial today.

Can I use invoice financing discreetly?

Yes, if you wish to avoid clients learning about you leveraging your own invoices, invoice discounting is designed to put you in charge of making sure outstanding invoices are paid properly. It means a lender or a factoring company doesn’t have to liaise with them instead, while you borrow.

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