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Last updated on 16 March 2021.

About It's Horsebox Insurance

We have partnered with It's Horsebox Insurance to offer competitive quotes from specialist horsebox insurance brands, so you can match the policy that's right for you and your horse. Simply complete the online quote and start saving today.

It's Horsebox Insurance FAQs

What can It's Horsebox offer?

  • Varied levels of cover
  • Limited mileage policy discounts
  • Foreign use cover
  • Social, domestic & pleasure
  • Business

How do I compare quotes?

It's Horsebox Insurance presents various, relevant policies once the simple quote form has been submitted, taking the hassle out of finding horsebox insurance. You will then have the opportunity to review the policy information before purchasing the policy online.

What types of horsebox insurance are available?

Similar to standard car insurance, various policy types for horsebox insurance exist, from comprehensive, to third party, fire and theft. Usage options are also available, and you will be able to select the relevant usage option to suit your needs. For example, if you use your horsebox for social, domestic & pleasure or for a business purpose.

Do I get a discount on my horsebox insurance if I do limited mileage?

It will be common for insurers to offer a limited mileage horsebox insurance policy. Based on the agreed limit set by your insurer, as long as you do not exceed this, you may reap a reduction in your horsebox insurance premium. Sometimes to a sizeable discount.

What about foreign use cover?

As an optional cover, foreign use will allow you to drive your horsebox outside of the UK. For full confirmation, it is best to consult your policy documents or speak to an expert to ensure you are fully protected throughout the various journeys you may take with your horsebox. This is an optional use but will be determined by underwriting criteria.

Can I receive a discount if I am the only one driving?

By minimising potential risks, for example, reducing the number of drivers covered on your horsebox insurance policy, some insurers may offer a reduction in your premium. Keeping the number of drivers to a minimum means there is lower chance of a claim, hence the reduction of risk resulting in discounts in the overall cost of your horsebox insurance.

My horsebox is of high value, can I still be insured?

If your horsebox is highly-valued, there will be various optional extras that you can look to purchase as part of your cover that will ensure that your vehicle is insured to the highest and most satisfactory level to suit your needs. Appropriate cover is available via various insurance companies on the market who specialise in horsebox insurance however, it is always advised to discuss this aspect of your insurance with an expert horsebox insurance provider to ensure that the cover meets your requirements.

Will my insurance be cheaper if I install a security system?

As technologies evolve, there is an increasing rise in security devices, specifically for use within a vehicle. Depending on the insurer, utilising various approved security devices, can lead to certain discounts on your horsebox insurance premium.

Thatcham category 2 or a manufacturer fitted immobiliser which usually carry around a 15% discount and Thatcham 1 security which carries a 20% discount.

Based on underwriting criteria, it will be the insurers decision on the discount depending on the level of security that is fitted to your horsebox.

Do I need specialist horsebox insurance cover?

It is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles on UK roads to have a minimum level of insurance. Specialist horsebox insurance providers exist to make purchasing insurance hassle-free and fitted to your horsebox requirements. There may be essential aspects to horsebox cover that dedicated insurers will be able to discuss with you.

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