Insurance Hub

Whether you're insuring your Porsche or your poodle we've got the information you need to get the right policy at the right price in our insurance hub.

What is insurance?

Insurance is a contract that provides financial cover against risks to things we care about such as our houses, cars, pets, businesses or our health.

An insurer will calculate the level of risk to an insured item, which will determine the amount the customer will pay to them - usually in regular monthly instalments. Should an insured-against risk befall the item - such as accident, theft or illness - the insurer will pay out compensation, at the agreed specified amount in the contract, to the customer.

Since there are many things that people care about and many potential risks, there is a huge range of insurance products available. Most people will have several insurance policies in their lifetime.

Why insure?

We take out insurance for various reasons, to give us peace of mind that we are protecting important aspects our lives. If any item is very expensive, insurance helps cover the replacement costs. Sometimes an item is very important to our livelihoods, insurance can help get things back on track speedily and sometimes insurance is mandated by law or contractual obligation - some types of business insurance are a legal requirement to practice in certain professions, while buildings insurance is often mandatory under mortgage agreements.