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Published 14 March 2024
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NerdWallet UK Surveys and Data Analysis

Nerds love data. Discover our independent research and analysis, plus get actionable insights and takeaways designed to help consumers make financial decisions with confidence.

NerdWallet UK’s Spokesperson Amy Knight is available to discuss the findings of these studies and provide comments on related personal finance topics.

Media inquiries: [email protected]

Throughout the year, NerdWallet UK conducts independent consumer research into a range of issues affecting the nation’s finances. We also gather the experiences and opinions of sole traders and small business owners, building a clearer picture of this crucial part of our economy.

Alongside NerdWallet UK’s investigations, we regularly review national statistics and data reports; unpacking the data to equip our writers and other media professionals with powerful insights to enrich their stories.

Click on a study below to discover the latest facts and figures, plus our detailed analysis of what it means for our money.

To find out about our latest research and upcoming publications, please contact [email protected].

Recent studies:

UK Lifestyle Debt Worries Statistics

Almost a third of UK adults feel pressure to spend more than they can afford, using credit cards, loans or overdrafts. This study by NerdWallet UK also shows that debt worries still affect those earning above the average salary. 

Find out which groups are most likely to take on debt to fund their lifestyle, and how they feel about it.

March 2024

Britain’s mortgage crisis: Optimism in short supply for 2024 despite falling rates

Nearly nine in ten (89%) UK adults who are considering a new mortgage product or who currently have a mortgage have concerns about the ability to afford a mortgage in the next 12 months. 

NerdWallet UK reveals the nation’s mortgage aspirations for the year ahead.

November 2023

The Invisible Debt of Borrowing From Friends and Family

Three in five (60%) UK adults have asked to borrow money from friends or family, of whom 37% did so to pay a bill and 26% to buy food at the supermarket.

The Bank of England’s official borrowing figures on loans and credit cards don’t show the extent to which people rely on financial help from loved ones to make ends meet. This survey, conducted in June and July 2023, helps to give a picture of “unofficial” borrowing. 

August 2023

Home Buying Dreams on Hold as Cost of Living Crisis Bites

More than two in five (42%) people who planned on buying a house in 2022 failed to do so, with worries about the cost of living crisis being the biggest factor for 36% of them.

We looked at the impact of higher mortgage rates and rising living costs on the UK’s property purchasing plans.

July 2023

Career Advice: Has Social Media Replaced the Mentor?

Close to two-thirds (64%) of 18- to 24-year-olds trust career advice on social media and nearly half (47%) of this age group feel more comfortable using social media than a career mentor when seeking advice. 

We investigated who workers of different generations turn to for career conversations, and what this means for UK businesses.

June 2023

One in Four Adults Feel Anxious About Money at Least Once a Day

35% of 18- to 24-year-olds and 38% of 25- to 34-year-olds said they feel anxious about their finances at least once per day – 23% more than those aged over 55.

NerdWallet UK looked into the toll that the cost of living is taking on the mental health of people at different life stages, and our attitudes towards asking for financial help.

May 2023

Money Worries: The UK’s most searched financial concerns and products

The cost of living was the biggest financial concern for Brits between September 2021 and February 2023, followed by scams. But money worries vary depending where you live.

Our team of experts used Google Trends data to looked at the most searched-for financial concerns in 25 major cities in the UK. 

– May 2023

More Than Half a Million UK Companies Ceased Trading in 2022

Did you know that half of the businesses that were dissolved in 2021 and 2022 were only operating for a maximum of two years before they had to cease trading? Or that four of the five areas with the least company dissolutions in 2022 were in Northern Ireland.

NerdWallet looked at data from Companies House to identify which regions of the UK, and which sectors, appear more resilient when it comes to small business survival. 

– February 2023

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