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Best Mutual Funds: Top Performing Ultra Short Term Bond Funds

April 3, 2013
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NerdWallet examined all 7,000+ mutual funds that were in existence for the full decade ending December 31, 2012.  Below are the top performing ultra short term bond funds of that ten year time period.  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Fund Name Symbol Annual Return Annual Volatility Assets Under Management Expense Ratio
Aberdeen Ultra-Short Dur Bd AUSIX 3.92% 3%  16,933,325 0.40%
PNC Ultra Short Bond PSBAX 2.56% 3%  392,306,820 0.50%
Managers Short Duration Government MGSDX 2.06% 1%  464,794,140 0.82%
PIMCO Short-Term Admin PSFAX 1.91% 2%  12,038,054,857 0.70%
TCW Short Term Bond TGSMX 1.84% 3%  14,110,660 0.44%
Wells Fargo Advantage Adj Rate ESAAX 1.72% 2%  1,385,626,329 0.74%
Federated Ultrashort Bond FULAX 1.60% 2%  1,731,050,453 0.90%
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income Admin GEADX 1.38% 1%  445,321,258 0.55%
Western Asset Adjustable Rate Income A ARMZX 1.05% 5%  209,766,826 0.91%

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