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Published September 14, 2023

Mortgage Calculator

Estimate your mortgage costs, including the principal amount, interest charges and mortgage insurance premiums.

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Nerd Tip: Use the Compare feature of our calculator to view two different mortgage scenarios at once. For example, you might see how a 10% or 20% down payment affects the total mortgage amount, or how a 20-year amortization period affects your monthly mortgage costs compared to a 25-year amortization.

Mortgage Details

Location Details

Mortgage Summary

Estimated Payment

The following items show your expected payment schedule over the full amortization period.

Doughnut chart


Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest
Mortgage Insurance
Mortgage details
Home Price
Down Payment
$25,000 (5%)
Total Loan Cost
Loan Amount
Total Interest Cost
Interest Rate
Mortgage Term
5 Years
Amortization Period
25 Years
Payment Frequency
No. of Payments

Amortization Schedule

Balance remaining in undefined

Payments Breakdown

Total Paid
Principal Paid
Interest Paid

Term Total


The line above displays the totals at the end of your mortgage term. At this time, you will renew your mortgage and choose among the rates that are available. The following analysis assumes you will lock in the same rate for the remainder of the amortization period, which may not be possible.


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Frequently asked questions about mortgage calculators

How do I use a mortgage calculator?

Enter the required information in each box, and our calculator will generate an estimate that tells you how much your mortgage might cost you, both monthly and altogether. If you’re unsure what interest rate to enter, investigate current interest rates to find a reasonable number.

What is the monthly payment on a $600,000 mortgage?

Your monthly payment will depend on the size of your down payment, the length of your amortization period and the interest rate your lender offers you. Because these elements are unique to your situation, experimenting with a mortgage calculator is one of the few ways to estimate a mortgage payment with any accuracy.

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