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  • HSBC provide a range of different business bank accounts that cover commercial operations of all shapes and sizes.
  • You can compare their business banking offerings in the table below, and apply online directly with HSBC.
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Last updated on 09 November 2020.

HSBC Business Accounts FAQ

Who is HSBC?

HSBC is a multinational banking and financial services holding company that offers a range of retail and commercial banking services to clients globally. Structured into four business groups: commercial banking; investment banking; retail banking and wealth management, and global private banking, HSBC operates across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America.

What services and products does HSBC offer?

HSBC offers services to both businesses and individual consumers such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, savings schemes, ISAs and investment options.

What are start-up business accounts from HSBC?

A start-up business current account from HSBC offers young businesses access to a range of banking services. Terms and conditions may vary depending on your arrangement with HSBC.

What are switcher business accounts from HSBC?

A switcher business account from HSBC offers a special arrangement for businesses who switch from other banks.

Who can apply for HSBC business accounts?

HSBC offers its business banking account services to a range of sole traders, LLPs, partnerships and trusts. A minimum turnover and eligibility criteria may also apply to your business depending on your account application.

What can I use an HSBC business account for?

Businesses can use business banking services from HSBC for almost any business-related purpose including transferring funds to suppliers, purchasing stock and materials, employee expenditure and accessing finance and borrowing for company growth and investments.

How can I manage my HSBC business banking account?

You can manage funds in your HSBC business banking account through a range of methods. You can visit one of HSBC’s UK branches or use online banking, telephone banking, text and email banking or mobile banking.

How can I withdraw cash from my HSBC business banking account?

You can withdraw cash from most cash machines (ATMs) in the UK using your card and PIN as well as HSBC branches. A daily cash withdrawal limit may apply to your account depending on your arrangement with HSBC.

How do I apply for an HSBC business account?

To apply for a HSBC business account, use the comparison bars above to navigate to the company’s website. You can then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. You will then be directed to an onboarding system where you will be prompted to submit various details relating to you and your business. Once you have submitted your details you can expect to hear from HSBC with further information regarding your application.

What details will I need to provide HSBC with during my application?

HSBC will request a range of details from you during your application process for a HSBC business banking account. These may include information related to your business such as your turnover and the nature of your operations as well as the structure of your company (sole trader, partnership, LLP etc.).

How does an HSBC business account work?

HSBC business banking accounts allow businesses to use a range of banking services such as overdrafts, standing orders, direct debits and online banking. Account holders can also access finance and borrowing. Remember to find out all fee’s relating to the type of business account you think is right for you.

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