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Published 29 September 2023
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E.ON Next Business Energy Review: Pros, Cons & Tariffs

Is E.ON Next business energy the right supplier for your organisation? Read our review to find out.

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E.ON Next business energy: at a glance

Launched in July 2020, E.ON Next is one of the business energy offerings from E.ON Group. It provides 100% renewable electricity, as well as bespoke tariffs to cater to specific business needs in Great Britain.

In order to be eligible for E.ON Next, you need to be a small to medium-sized business which uses less than 100,000 kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity and/or less than 293,000kWh of gas per year, has a turnover of €2 million or less, and has fewer than 10 employees. 

If you use more energy than the thresholds set out above, E.ON classifies you as a larger business and instead directs you to npower Business Solutions for your business energy.

E.ON Next Business Energy

E.ON Next Business Energy
  • 24/7 customer service?

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E.ON Next business energy pros & cons


  • It provides bespoke tariffs for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • It offers smart meter installation to business customers.
  • A portion of renewable energy is generated through E.ON-owned assets, and agreements with independent generators


  • E.ON Next is not available for larger businesses.
  • There is no 24/7 customer service.

These pros and cons are based on a survey of UK business owners on what they found important when selecting a range of business products, conducted by NerdWallet in December 2022.

E.ON Next business energy key features

  • Offers bespoke fixed and variable business energy tariffs
  • 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost if you sign up directly through E.ON Next
  • Only offers business energy to small and medium-sized organisations

E.ON Next business energy full review

E.ON is one of Great Britain’s largest energy suppliers, serving around 3.8 million customers including businesses. 

Since July 2020, E.ON Group has been offering small business energy through E.ON Next, while larger businesses are managed by npower Business Solutions, a subsidiary of E.ON.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about E.ON Next business energy at a glance in our table below. 

E.ON Next business energy details
Electricity contract lengthOne to two years
Gas contract lengthOne to two years
Fuel mix disclosureCoal: 1.8%
Natural gas: 15%
Nuclear 1.4%
Renewable: 80.3%
Other: 1.5%
(1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022)*
Customer service number0808 501 5699
Payment number0808 501 5200
Complaints number0808 501 5200
General email address[email protected] 
Complaints email address[email protected] 
Trustpilot rating4.2 stars (as of 16 January 2023)
Smart meter installationYes
AppYes (iOS and Android)
Payment optionsDirect debit
Bank transfer
Card payments (online and over the phone)
Over the counter at the Post Office, Payzone or PayPointCheque

*While E.ON Next provides 100% renewable electricity as standard if you sign up directly with the supplier, it reserves the right to substitute this with a comparable product if needed. Contracts not signed directly with E.ON Next may also not receive 100% renewable electricity. 

E.ON Next business energy features

Below is more information on the features and tariffs available with E.ON Next business energy.

Customer service

If something goes wrong with your energy, it can be calamitous for your business, meaning good customer service is a must. In fact, based on NerdWallet’s survey, 24/7 customer service is the single most important factor business owners look for when choosing a supplier.

That’s why it is unfortunate that E.ON Next doesn’t provide 24/7 customer service, unless you have an emergency with your prepayment or credit meter. If you do, you can call 080 501 5088, email, or get in contact with the supplier over social media.

Nevertheless, E.ON Next does have a range of contact options if you do need help with your business energy. You can contact E.ON Next on the following:

  • Email: [email protected], 8am to 10pm Monday to Sunday
  • Phone: 0808 501 5699, 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4pm on Fridays
  • Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, 8am to 10pm Monday to Sunday

You can also manage your business energy through the free E.ON Next app.

Business energy tariffs 

Meeting an organisation’s specific energy needs is a must for business owners. Only 24/7 customer service and the ability to pay by direct debit were more important when choosing a supplier, according to NerdWallet’s survey.  

E.ON Next offers bespoke business energy tariffs to its customers – but only to businesses of a certain size. To be eligible for an E.ON Next business energy tariff, your organisation needs to use up to 100,000kWh of electricity and/or 293,000 kWh of gas a year, have a turnover of less than €2 million, and employ fewer than 10 people.

Any businesses bigger than that will need to source their energy elsewhere. If you want to stay with E.ON Group, that would mean looking at npower Business Solutions.

Bespoke business energy tariffs

E.ON Next offers bespoke fixed-rate tariffs designed to cater to your specific business needs, with 100% renewable electricity as standard if you sign a contract directly through the supplier. 

A fixed business energy tariff means that, while your monthly bill will rise and fall based on your usage, the price you pay for per unit consumed stays the same for the length of your contract.

Deemed, variable and out-of-contract rates

If your energy is supplied by E.ON Next, but you have not signed up to a tariff with the supplier, you will be put on a deemed contract. This could be if you have moved into a new business premises supplied by E.ON Next without arranging a new tariff.

Similarly, if you let your E.ON Next contract expire without renewing it you will be placed on a variable price plan.

Variable and deemed rates are typically more expensive than fixed-rate contracts. However, if you are on a variable or deemed rate, you can move to a fixed tariff at any time, whether with E.ON Next or a different provider.

If you decide to stop getting your electricity and gas from E.ON Next, but are yet to sign a contract with a new supplier, you will be placed on an out-of-contract rate that is more expensive than the variable price plan.

Additional fees and charges

It is important to remember that on top of your kWh usage, charged at your unit rate, you will pay:

  • a fixed standing charge, which contributes towards maintaining the electricity network
  • VAT, either at 20% or the reduced rate of 5% (if your business uses less than 33kWh of electricity or 145kWh of gas a day)
  • the Climate Change Levy (CCL), though there are exceptions to this tax

You may also be charged for third party, non-energy costs that may vary from month to month. These can include:

  • energy infrastructure costs
  • low carbon generation costs
  • National Grid energy-related costs
  • security of supply costs

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Payment options

While E.ON Next encourages businesses to set up a direct debit – the most important payment option a supplier can offer, according to NerdWallet’s survey – for ease of use and to potentially save money, that isn’t the only way you can pay your energy bill. You can also:

  • make card payments online and over the phone
  • make a bank transfer
  • pay by cash over the counter at your local Post Office, as well as Payzone and Paypoint locations
  • send a cheque in the post to E.ON Next, PO Box 10909, Nottingham, NG1 9NJ

Smart meters

Having a smart meter at your business can help you become more energy efficient, therefore potentially saving you money in the long run. Business owners are well aware of this – it’s why smart meter installation is in the top five most important services they are looking for in a supplier.

With E.ON Next, getting a smart meter installed is simple. All you need to do is book a smart meter appointment, either through the website or over the phone on 0808 501 5266, and E.ON Next will take care of the rest.

Renewable energy options

E.ON Next provides 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost if you sign or renew a contract directly with the supplier. This is through E.ON’s own renewable assets, agreements with other independent renewable generators in Great Britain, and the purchase of renewable energy certificates.

Each megawatt hour (MWh) of the renewable source electricity it supplies is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates. REGOs are a requirement of the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), as part of the fuel mix disclosure regulations.  

While REGOs aim to give transparency to consumers about the amount of renewable energy that a company has used, sourcing directly from renewable generators is a stronger sign of a commitment to renewable energy.  

Customer reviews

E.ON Next has a ‘Great’ Trustpilot rating of 4.2 out of 5, based on 43,511 reviews (as of 16 January 2023). It is important to note that this rating is based on the entire E.ON brand, not just on their specific business offering.

How can I switch to E.ON Next business energy?

  1. First, you need to make sure you are at the end of your contract with your current supplier, and have satisfied any notice period.
  2. Then you need to call E.ON Next and get a quote.
  3. Once you have chosen your tariff, E.ON Next will work with your current supplier to get your business switched over, including sending your final meter readings. Your switch will go smoother if you have already cleared any outstanding balance with your existing supplier.
  4. Once the switch is complete, E.ON Next will then let you know when to submit your opening meter readings.

How to choose an E.ON Next business energy tariff

When comparing E.ON Next and other business energy suppliers, it is worth asking yourself the following:

  • Do you want a fixed-rate or variable tariff?
  • Do you want renewable electricity or carbon-neutral gas?
  • How long do you want your contract to last?
  • What level of customer service do you want the supplier to offer?

Moving business premises with E.ON Next business energy

Whether you’re moving into premises supplied by E.ON, or looking to leave them entirely, E.ON Energy can make the move easier. Here’s how it works.

Moving out

If you’re moving out of premises supplied by E.ON Business Energy, you need to let the company know by email at [email protected] or over the phone on 0808 501 5699. If you want to stay with E.ON, it will close the account linked to your previous address and make the switch. 

You’ll need to provide the following:

  • moving-out date
  • final meter readings on move-out date
  • forwarding address
  • landlord’s details for your new address

Moving into premises supplied by E.ON

If you’re moving into an office already supplied by E.ON, it will get in touch to welcome you to the premises and help to set up your account. 

If you don’t hear from E.ON and you’d like to set up an account, email [email protected], or call E.ON on 0808 501 5699. 

You’ll need to provide the following:

  • your name, business name, and type of business
  • contact phone number and email address
  • your move-in date
  • move-in day meter readings

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Review methodology

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